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My New Site


Howdy folks!

Short story; I have built a new website www.talkinghorror.com and I would love you to check it out and hopefully stick around.


For those who would enjoy a little more detail, here we go! :)

You may have noticed I haven’t really visited any of your sites recently. The main reason is WordPress ‘lost‘ all the sites I followed in my reader, and that combined with the 50 or so spam comments my site here gets per day, I became very disillusioned with my blog. Therefore I decided to venture into the land of self hosting. No restrictions and the chance to make something new and in the way I always intended. So that’s kept me pretty busy, planning and designing…….

I’m proud to introduce you to Talking Horror; movie reviews, interviews, exclusive promotions & features. Your one stop shop for all your horror needs ;) I’m also proud to have 11 other contributors all writing for the site, the majority of which you will all follow already so I’m proud to have their considerable talents working alongside me.

The site will look a little empty at first, but we have plenty of posts ready to go so things should start to pick up very soon. For now I just want to point you all to the new address, and I’d love you to follow me on my new journey. Things will still get posted here on Headinavice, my Desert Island series will continue & other shenanigans, but the majority of reviews and exclusives will all go straight to Talking Horror.

So please, head on over to www.talkinghorror.com and feel free to let me know of any issues you find. Or more importantly how fantastic & professional it looks ;) Bound to be some teething problems, and the only way I can improve them is with feedback. If you can’t follow it, or subscribe, or comment, or any of that good stuff please let me know. Thanks again for reading and I hope to see you all over the other side! Plus I’ll be able to re-follow all your fantastic sites from there, I need to get my subscriptions sorted again. That might mean you leaving a comment or a like over there, so I can get you added to my subscription list. And any promotion and help spreading the word for my new site would be gratefully appreciated and reciprocated in kindness and money. Mainly kindness. Cheers :)

Eden Lake (2008)

movie blogathon poster

Once again I find that I am the inspiration for a fellow blogger, as today we are joined by Todd from Cinema Monolith. He is here to share his thoughts on a film he saw me review a while ago, a little British thriller named Eden Lake. It’s always a pleasure to get Todd involved on my site, and I know the feelings are more than mutual as these are words he actually said about me on his site:

Thank you, Tyson, and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my humble blog. Oh, and Tyson…thank you for making me a better writer, an even better human being, and an overall wonderful guy.

Sure, it may be in a sarctastic manner, but that’s not the point. Anyway, after reading his review please be sure to stop by his site and abuse him a little.

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You’re Next (2011)

movie blogathon poster

Abbi from Where The Wild Things Are is next up in the ‘Recommended By’ blogathon. Read on for her thoughts on You’re Next, and then of course go and check out her fantastic site.

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The Collection (2012)

movie blogathon poster

Next up on my ‘Recommended By‘ blogathon is Anthony (or you probably better know him as atothewr) from A Zombie Movie For The Holidays. He was actually inspired (sort of) by my review of The Collection. Just as an aside….I actually like the movie much more now than I did when I reviewed it if anyone clicks the link to see my review. After the 3rd and 4th watch it really hit home in a more positive way. But this is Anthony’s time, so enough from me and here’s Anthony’s take on The Collection.

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What I’ve Been Watching…..

did you miss me

Wow, 7 months have passed since I last posted here. As many of you will know, my beautiful daughter Ava was born on Halloween and I’ve had no time for anything really except marvelling and obsessing over her. Now she’s in a sleeping routine, she is letting me watch a few movies here and there. I worked so hard to start this blog and build up a community, and I feel very lucky to have done so. Whilst I hoped the blogging world would just stand still and mourn my absence, I am guessing it continued and thrived and I’m hopeful there is still some kind of audience I can tap into. But we shall see, so I’m here to test the waters and try to entice some people to keep checking this little place out. The caveat is that WordPress and the UK had some ISP issues, and whilst that appears to be fixed, I have lost all the sites and people I followed/was followed by, so please shout out below, drop a like or let me know if you’ve seen anything I’ve reviewed so I can find you and your site again!

My old style of reviewing will have to be revamped, and in a time-saving effort my posts will now be in a new format. I’ll be talking briefly about some movies I’ve seen and posting them all in one big post. A lot to read in one go I admit, but since I probably won’t be posting more than once a week, this way I’ll get more reviews out there, and then have more time to check out all your sites and get back in the game.

Thanks to everyone who emailed/tweeted/facebooked me whilst I was on hiatus, your messages and support was much appreciated. You know who you all are, and I’m hoping this time I’m back for good. Until baby #2. Anyway, enough rambling, and here are my thoughts on a few films I’ve seen in the past few months.

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Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013)


Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013) – A missing wedding ring leads to a wild-goose chase involving meth addicts, skinheads and an Elvis impersonator.

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