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Wanted: Graphics/Image Genius

wet cat funny

Obligatory funny animal photo to soften readers up

On the off-chance anyone out there is bored and wants a challenge, and more importantly likes to do extra work for no money, I’m looking for someone to help me with a little project I’m working on. If you are technically gifted at designing stuff on computers and are feeling like doing some charity work (I’m the charity!) please get in touch. You can email me at: or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook. Or you can leave me a comment below.

I’m genuinely just looking for some help, and I’ve been so lucky in the past with Chris & Nick doing my work, I’m now looking for another kind Samaritan to help me out. I can offer you something good* in return. Failing that, thanks for reading & have a great day :) x

*something good will not be financial or useful. Basically just getting to work with me, surely that’s enough? And you can be a VIP on my new project.

P.S I should also add I am now off to bed, so any replies here or any emails/social media etc will be seen when I wake up. I’m not just rudely filtering and ignoring you all like a weird application process. :)

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What I’ve Been Watching…..

did you miss me

Wow, 7 months have passed since I last posted here. As many of you will know, my beautiful daughter Ava was born on Halloween and I’ve had no time for anything really except marvelling and obsessing over her. Now she’s in a sleeping routine, she is letting me watch a few movies here and there. I worked so hard to start this blog and build up a community, and I feel very lucky to have done so. Whilst I hoped the blogging world would just stand still and mourn my absence, I am guessing it continued and thrived and I’m hopeful there is still some kind of audience I can tap into. But we shall see, so I’m here to test the waters and try to entice some people to keep checking this little place out. The caveat is that WordPress and the UK had some ISP issues, and whilst that appears to be fixed, I have lost all the sites and people I followed/was followed by, so please shout out below, drop a like or let me know if you’ve seen anything I’ve reviewed so I can find you and your site again!

My old style of reviewing will have to be revamped, and in a time-saving effort my posts will now be in a new format. I’ll be talking briefly about some movies I’ve seen and posting them all in one big post. A lot to read in one go I admit, but since I probably won’t be posting more than once a week, this way I’ll get more reviews out there, and then have more time to check out all your sites and get back in the game.

Thanks to everyone who emailed/tweeted/facebooked me whilst I was on hiatus, your messages and support was much appreciated. You know who you all are, and I’m hoping this time I’m back for good. Until baby #2. Anyway, enough rambling, and here are my thoughts on a few films I’ve seen in the past few months.

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