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Since you have been kind enough to read this page, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Tyson Carter and I’m from the United Kingdom. The reason I started this blog is likely to be the same reason why most people start a blog – to share an opinion. I have been obsessed and fascinated by films ever since as a young boy I walked in on this exact movie scene playing on our TV:

I’m sure I had sat through a whole host of kids films prior to this moment, but as soon as I saw Casino I felt different, almost as if my little mind started to realize that there was this new world of films out there that wasn’t aimed at children, and I began my quest to see as many of them as I could. Some of my favourite films of all time would be The Godfather, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Shining, The Deer Hunter, Casino, Pulp Fiction, I Saw The Devil, Drive……..the list goes on, but the underlying theme would be the more adult/violent orientated style of movie, and the majority would star my favourite actor of all time Robert De Niro. I have even set myself a quest on this site to try and see every one of his films.

Many years later I decided to try and share my feelings and thoughts on the films I had seen in an effort to vent my opinion, and hopefully meet some like-minded people along the way. I set up my own site in July 2012, and I try to offer reviews on some of the more obscure horror and violent films in the attempt of unearthing some hidden gems for people.

I deliberated over my blog name for ages trying to think of something cool, catchy and different, yet in the end I decided I may as well go for the one thing that started my love affair for films, and that’s how ‘Head In A Vice‘ was born. Please feel free to give me feedback in the comments sections if you agree or disagree with my reviews, I will reply to every comment and I would love to hear other people’s opinions and get some good conversations going. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog.

Tyson Carter


    1. Thanks, very much appreciated. I’ve added you to my blogroll too. Can’t believe there are people out there who haven’t seen Casino. Pesci is the ultimate psycho :)

    1. Thank you!! I only created this blog 3 weeks ago and I’m so not worthy of this award but extremely grateful and humbled you chose me. It makes all the effort I’ve put into getting the site going worth while. Well, the award and all the great people I’ve met so far! :) I will sort out a proper post and pass it on later today. Thanks again Jamie :)

  1. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check out my latest post entitled “Another Award and I Can Still Keep My Humility” which will be up ASAP.

    1. Thank you so much Jmount, I’m truly honoured you would nominate me. As I was chosen by Aloha Mr Hand earlier, am I allowed to accept/be nominated again? (I hope so, double award winning Head in a Vice has a nice ring to it!!) :)

    1. Thanks again! Think I replied on your site, I’m just gonna add your name to my previous post if that’s cool, saves me doing another list so soon after last one. 5 nominations – I’m humbled and amazed. Just need some different awards now to fill up my trophy cabinet :)

      1. You are welcome! I appreciate your blog. Unfortunately contemporary Italian movies are quite bad, but the old one deserve to be seen because they are a piece of history in some way. Antonioni and Fellini are super famous director. Sophia Lauren and Monica Vitti very famous actress. “la Dolce Vita” romana is all there! If you’ll take a look let me know! (WARNING: they are sometimes quite slow movies :-P)

  2. Hey thanks for liking my Tintin post! Your blog looks fascinating though I’m not a huge fan of the horror genre. Love action and films like Pulp Fiction though! :)

    1. Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated!! You have a very cool blog also! I too am obsessed by film, and its great to meet fellow like minded people! Hopefully I can keep you coming back :)

        1. It is one of my favorite words! I was asked by a professor of mine to describe in one word, my personality. How can someone sum themselves up at all, particularly in one word? I told her I thought I might be too obsequious….

  3. Fantastic blog mate. I do enjoy your comments on the site and have been meaning to reciprocate when possible. But between writing, movie watching, full time work and free lance, it gets a bit hectic to answer back. I love your writing and if you ever need a review or writing piece from a smarmy, sarcastic, expletive laden gentlemen like myself, let me know. Cheers!

  4. I now understand where you get your name from. Nice write up about your bio. I need to make mine this strong. By the way, wicked snowboarding pick. Or whatever word snowboarders use when they catch air.

    1. Thanks :) I just edited it to show what the site offered, it always gets a lot of views so I felt I should make an effort. Glad the explanation of my name makes sense, I went through so many choices trying to pick something and this one just felt right.

      As for the photo, as I captioned I wiped out massively trying to land, and only had one shot with the guy lying under the self made ramp we knocked up, so I was very lucky how it came out, considering its my one and only time on a board! Would love to go again one day.

    1. Cheers Fernando! True story, flew through a fence and did about 10 somersaults landing in the middle of a black slope! Still, photo came out luckily and Im still here to tell the tale :)

  5. Thanks for following my blog!

    Like your view on things – although I’d ask you to reconsider Blade Runner – it is a classic.

    I seem to have some kind of attraction for Brits – I guest host a British music show on a local non-commercial radio station and write reviews for a British sci fi and fantasy website. What is it about me that attracts people from across the pond?

    1. Hey, no worries and thanks for checking out my site!

      I liked Blade Runner, 7/10 for something I’m not really into wasn’t too bad……..I just didn’t love it. A re-watch is on the cards, so who knows maybe 2nd time lucky!

      I’m really not a fan of current British music, much prefer stuff from the US. You must just be a magnet for us Brits!! :)

  6. While my taste runs in a different direction from yours (my husband would probably enjoy your site…he is a big De Niro fan…I do appreciate you following my blog!

  7. You have a great movie blog! I started reading your reviews… and I can’t get enough of them! Congratulations on everything and the best of luck to you, good sir!

    1. Thanks very much! Although I cant take all the credit, I have some incredible guest contributors who help out! I appreciate the kind words and look forward to seeing you around the site :)

  8. Very cool blog Tyson. Something after my own heart in a sense. I love film noir and excellent modern day flicks. But key word here is excellent. Even great talent get roped into complete busts.

    I came by actually to thank you for following my blog barefootbaroness and like what I saw here.
    It is good to meet you and I look forward to learning more about you and Desert Films I live in the desert, certain affinity ~ BB

    1. Thanks very much! I actually saw your blog on someone elses blogroll and thought I would stop by and check it out. Loved what I saw and will be back!

      Appreciate you checking out my site, and feel free to join in with the Desert Island project should you ever wish too! Thanks for stopping by :)

      1. What a charming welcome. I thank you. I will get the feel of your blog in the next few weeks and will certainly join in where I think maybe I have something to add. I am humbled by your comment, do hope to see more of you. Thanks again Tyson.
        Peace ~ BB

  9. The lone bloody hand reminds me of a movie from the 70′s called “The House That Screamed.” A woman runs an all girl school and of course she has a son. She continually tells the young man that none of the girls at the school are good enough for him. Then girls start missing…..

    Desert Island films…Trading Places; any of the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies; the new Star Trek movie; Avatar; American Pie; Sabrina; Pulp Fiction; and there are more…

    Thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you find it entertaining.

  10. Your likes on my reviews brought me here actually lol. Loving what you have going on. I am a big movie buff so I am going to go through some titles you have up here and see what recommendations you have for me.

    1. Yeah I try and visit as many fellow movie/tv/comic blogs as I can, always learning about new things and love meeting people with the same passion and interests. Thanks for stopping by and hope to keep you coming back :)

  11. Tyson – thanks for visiting and following my blog. I also have a great love movies; I probably watch one every day. I look forward to checking out your blog to see what you’re watching. Thanks!

    1. No worries Mike. Always on the look out for movie blogs and people who share the same love for cinema. Look forward to checking out your work and hope to see you around here :)

  12. I wasn’t a big fan of DeNiro until I was lucky enough to be given a free ticket to hear him speak in Sydney last year. He was great and I saw his films in a whole new light. He’s quite experimental these days, so you never know – your film project may just get off the ground!

        1. I’ll be making a post about it this weekend, got a few thankyous to make so will do them all at once. Got an ‘Awards’ page now, so if I ever get any more your site will be forever linked in there! Thanks again Mike :)

  13. I’m Like number 69 on your Head in a Vice – about page. Some would say that means something HO HO HO. Keep it up … the enjoyable blogging that is.

  14. Thanks for liking my 2012 in review post… Your support means a lot to me and I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog. I hope you have a prosperous 2013!

  15. Hey Tyson! Travels near and far, finally making little circles out of bigger ones, thought I’d pop over say hello. Been too long. I guess it’s something about this dying thing that manages to get in the way of all my to-do-lists. Always enjoy your thoughts and especially your taste for films, most of which are three thumbs up over here. I looked to see if I left a comment here before, maybe did, didn’t find it, probably will do that over and over again…looking forward to reading more and more, disagreeing and agreeing to disagree and all the fun that comes with the magic part of the movies. See ya around – cheers):

    1. Hey Rory!!

      Really appreciate your comment and you stopping by! I’m sure you have said a bit on here before, but never mind and hopefully see you around here more now!! Disagreeing is what makes this all fun, look forward to it dude! :)

      Thanks :P

  16. Thanks for the follow at Let There Be Movies, Tyson! I’m adding you to my blogroll as well. I know a couple of our writers enjoy horror movies so I’ll let them know about you. Looking forward to your reviews!

  17. Hey, sorry for not getting those logos done yet. Had a shitload on at work and am trying to make some money from my website so I don’t have to do shit jobs anymore. I’m on it though and will send you two examples tomorrow. Need an e-mail to send them to as well. Cheers.

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