Time for some changes…..


Howdy folks. Recently I’ve been struggling for motivation to continue my work here. With my new son/daughter due in a few months (currently the size of a turnip FYI) I have been trying to visualise still finding time to write. I think I can still make time for it, but my issue is motivation.

Something has to give. I love my site, I love the community I have been incredibly lucky to have built up and I love the projects I’ve started. What I don’t love as such is what my site has turned into. I wanted this place to be somewhere I wrote some ramblings on horror films and the films I love. It evolved and grew into something much more than that. For me, the main reason for this is the IMDB project. 250 films, all reviewed by different people. Such a great idea (without being modest, plenty of people before me have done it!) and I figured it’s a great way to meet new people. And it has been, I’ve been inundated with requests to help and its been an amazing success so far. So many talented people have donated their reviews for the project, and I’ll be eternally grateful. Yet it’s led to the things I dislike most about my site.

  • I have never given a 10/10 rating. I believe some films deserve it, and I’ll get to them eventually. Yet if you use the 10 stars tag you’ll see an amazing 23 films with this rating on my site.
  • Seeing my A-Z include films such as Harry Potter, The Avengers & Star Trek destroys my soul a little.
  • The worst part is using guest reviews makes me lazy. I want them to get the most exposure for the contributors as possible, which means I post once a day. Out of the 7 days in a week, I’ve been using 3/4 guest posts. Combined with my other projects like Desert Island & Question Time which are also weekly, I barely write anything.

It’s got to the point where I’m getting teased from friends about actually writing myself, or seeing Harry Potter for example on my site. I want my site to be something I built and wrote everything on it. However bad it turns out, the buck stops with me. I want my child/ren to one day see this and see what I wrote about (and the weird shit I watch). Kind of something that hopefully will still be around long after I’m gone.

I keep thinking about closing it down, but I want to carry on. I just want to do it without the IMDB films mixed in my A-Z index, or messing up my rating system. Believe me, this has been something long stewing in my mind. I’ve tried thinking of so many things I can change just so I don’t close my site. The final nail was after switching themes, the actual 250 film list I painstakingly made on the last site has been stretched and looks terrible on here. I don’t have the energy to redo it all.

So why am I boring you all with this essay rather than just doing it? Respect I guess. I feel so bad deleting the posts so many people spent time writing. I’m so sorry, and grateful for you doing them. If there is a way to carry it on, be it on a separate site we copy them across to, I don’t know but I’m open to suggestions and collaborations. I just know they can’t stay on here. Suggestions?? :(

I’m ultimately trimming the fat around here. I will of course be keeping the Desert Island project, and am always looking for new volunteers. And I’ll still be running Question Time. And my De Niro project where I watch and review all his films. But the main priority will be horror/indie/violent/my style of films and reviewing them. Myself. Stopping my laziness and hopefully getting my mojo back. These last couple of days writing Hostel/Saw has been great fun and I want to get back into the swing of it. I will be devastated to lose readers, as I imagine I might if people only came for the IMDB stuff. I just hope enough of you stick around to kep the good times rolling here. This is the only way I can think of to make my site what I always intended it to be. I just hope I don’t lose any of you in the process. Thanks for reading.


On a side note, I got Photoshop this week. This took 19 hours to make. You need a logo? I’m your man (or ask Chris, he is probably slightly better)

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  1. Wow, you have really been thinking about this. Personally I’m not into horror (don’t watch it), but I like the site, but as long as you keep doing the question time bits and mix it up with other things I’m not going anywhere :) I think every blogger has moments where he thinks about closing the site down (trust me, I’ve thought about it too), but there is always something you get out of it. I like the thought of your kid one day being able to read what you watched and thought about it. I hope mine will too…

    1. I have, and been flipping from shutting it all down to leaving it as it is. I just made notes of the things I dont like and it kept coming back to the IMDB stuff. I have a huge list of films ready to review but couldnt fit them in. Something had to change.

      I appreciate you dont like horror, hopefully the desert island (you’re next up funnily enough), question time stuff and maybe even the De Niro reviews can keep you sticking round! Also gonna be doing podcasts……just stuff that doesnt clutter up my A-Z and rating system!!

      Thanks Nostra, and I hope the internet is still around in some form for our kids to read :)

      1. Don’t worry, I will be sticking around…you are running a very cool blog.
        I do hope that the internet still will be around and that my daughter will grow up loving movies as much as I do :)

        1. Thanks. Although this wasnt a fishing for complements post lol :) I just have so many people that contribute, I dont want them to think Im binning their work.

          Hopefully your daughter will love movies, and if she ventures into the darker films send her this way ;)

  2. At the end of the day mate, it’s your site, so you can do what the fuck you like with it! :) I think it’s pretty natural to get into a bit of a rut with blogging, I get that way too. I blasted out a load of reviews in a short amount of time so that I had some in the bank and could just click publish rather than be constantly writing. It’s good that you’ve recognised what you want your site to be though and you want to get it back that way. I for one will be sticking around and getting involved as and when I can. The most important thing is that you’re happy with it and you’re producing stuff you can be proud of.

    1. I know, but since you’re one of my amazing contributors, I just feel so bad ‘deleting’ your work. I just had to justify my thoughts and share them. I want to write, I just had an easy escape with the guest stuff and got in the routine of using them and being lazy. I appreciate you sticking around, I just want it to be something I made and can be proud of. Which I am, of course, I just want to rein it in a little and tighten things up. And start a podcast :)

      Thanks Chris :)

        1. Hopefully you got 1 new follower out of your work here. At least ;)

          And yeah, me too, plus they cant get 10/10 (well, they’ll be 10/10 standard obviously, but not tagged as such) :)

    2. Your last sentence is so true; if you aren’t happy then it will become a chore rather than a love. We will be sticking around as well regardless of your decision!

      1. Exactly, we have to enjoy these blogs, and writing. I know changing this will enable me to enjoy it again. I dont want to give it all up, I’ve met too many inspiring people. Like you guys! Thanks for the kind words, means a lot :)

  3. Ultimately you have to do what feels right for you and your site. I think most people will understand.

    As for what to do with the IMDb Top 250, maybe a regular collaborator and you can establish a separate WordPress.com site for it… no need even for a special domain name, since I think most people who would be interested would know where to go once it was established. Existing posts could be transferred by going into HTML edit mode and copying the code… might be a bit of a pain, considering the number of posts, but it would work, and without the limitations of reblogging.

    1. Thats an idea I’ve been toying with Morgan, it just needs one person or more to volunteer to help and want to do it. There is a demand for it, and I always felt it would be a nice thing to showcase on a website, reviews for them all. It just took up so much space and time. And ruined my ratings and index. As you say, I want to get back to how I envisaged things, doing this makes me feel happy again with my site, which is something I havent felt for a while.

      Thanks buddy :)

  4. You have a lot going on in your life right now and such a lot to look forward to and prepare for outwith the blogsphere. It’s natural that something has to give. I think you’ve already made up your mind what that should be, and that’s the thing to do, go with your instinct. :) I’m glad you’re keeping the DID because I’m yet to share mine, lol!

    I think that you should consider a second site where you can share your friends’ inputs. But be strict with yourself and set a manageable schedule for dealing with the second one so that you’re not spreading yourself too thin.
    I’m glad you’re not leaving.

    1. Yeah my mind is pretty much made up, this is really just me politely asking my contributors not to hate me too much haha!! :)

      I’ll always run the Desert Island, cant wait to post yours!

      Another site is an option, it just needs at least one person to volunteer. It would take work but its an option. I just cant stand to see Harry Potter in my A-Z index any more :)

      Thank you!!

  5. You should definitely keep at it, your site’s great :D
    Maybe starting fresh would be a good way to go? Something about a brand new start is always good for motivation! I had to do the same thing when I had to move over to WordPress from Blogger and although it takes a lot of work to get it how you want it, it’s always a good way to get a new perspective. Maybe that’s just me…if I’m going to change something I prefer to start from scratch…changing something that’s been a certain way for ages is really hard work!
    Whatever you decide to do though, I’m certain you’ll still have plenty of followers who love reading what you write :)
    Best of luck :D

    1. I’m happy with the majority of it, and everything is set up how I like it. Purely once the IMDB stuff is removed, everything will be perfect (I hope!!). Its just been so long on my mind what to do, and now its decided I wanted to let everybody (but mostly the contributors) know my plans. And hopefully not piss them off!! ;)

      I hope people stick around. After all, my initial followers found me through their love of horror or De Niro, and thats what Ill be going back to. Along with a few fun projects that dont require reviews. Like Desert Island films…..hint hint ;)

      Thanks Natasha!

  6. Really hope you keep this one going man, but I do get the concern that it doesn’t feel as personal now as it used too. My advice would be to double down on the Horror aspects of the site if that’s what you’re really interested in writing about. It really does come down to motivation, and if your motivation is to share your thoughts on a specific set if issues rather than just getting your view counts up then I say do everything you can to make it your own.

    Looking forward to seeing where the future takes you, best of luck with the Baby!

    1. Thats what I love writing about. My main issue is how lazy I’ve become, and the only way to change that is to force this upon myself. Its been a long time coming, today is the day to release my plans for change! :)

      Thank you, and I can’t wait to bore you all with baby stories and images (not horror as such but I’ll be sharing them anyway!!) :)

  7. Sad to see that go my man, as I enjoyed contributing to that but I completely understand your reasons. Your site should be excatly the way you want it and sometimes these sacrifices are essential to maintain your own stamp on things. Glad to hear you’re not throwing in the towel entirely though. I have similar thoughts but can’t drag myself away from the grey community out there. Chin up, bro. Onwards and upwards!

    1. I was proud to have you contribute to it. Your Lebowski 10/10 was the only 10 I agreed with lol!!

      Just needed to do this and pull it back to the niche I aimed it at originally. Still doing the Bobby project reviewing all his films though. Something for my kid to read as he or she begins their quest to worship De Niro!

      Thanks Mark :)

      1. Lebowski is a 10 all the way, man.

        Glad to here that your youngster will be taught in the ways of DeNiro worshipping. That’s a religion that’s needs more disciples. :-)

  8. Being someone who has contributed a couple of films to the IMDb 250 I wouldn’t want to see it go, so maybe a separate site is the best idea. I’ve long toyed with having guest contributors on my site but haven’t gone down that road; precious about my own work I guess. You were the first to get on board my site and I’ll always be appreciative of that. You run an informative, entertaining site which I’ll continue to read whatever you decide. Sometimes a good shake-ups required!

    1. It just needs someone/people to help and want to do it on another site. I’m up for it, but people already have their own blogs so its a tough ask.

      Glad you’ll be sticking around, and I was honoured to feature your excellent work on here. Thanks buddy :)

      1. Absolutely no problem; it’s been a pleasure. The bottom line is that it’s your site and you need to be happy with something you put so much work into. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get back to basics. Keep up the great work on there and I look forward to seeing where you go next.

  9. There are thousands of sites out there and all we can do is make ours personal andante it something we love. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I found this site long before you started regularly getting people to write the top 250 stuff, and I will be here long after it is gone.
    Do what you love. Writing only gets harder once you have a little one in the house, so the more it becomes a chore the easier it will be to cut it out when you have a hundred other things to do.
    It is just my own small opinion, but I absolutely think you are doing the right thing.

    1. That’s it, I know my time is only going to get more limited, so I need something to go to enable me to want to write. Something like that anyway.

      Thanks John, and it was a pleasure to feature your work on here my friend :)

  10. As Frederick Douglass once said (in a totally different context by the way): “if there is no struggle, there is no progress”. So please go on with doing your thing and change it if necessary: I am definitely sticking around and I’m sure many others will too! :)

  11. You had me at hello Tyson and you always will. You, Tim and 3guys1movie were so supportive as I made change to my former blog which for similar reasons as you I deleted outright a month ago. Poof, gone like seven years of writing and interactions never existed. You asked the other day if I miss it. Yes to an extent but like retired news anchors I came back in a more brief way via reviews on Flixster and Facebook.

    So my advice good man is to blog how and when it moves you. Don’t let your hobby feel like an obligation or a job. We will come to Head in a Vice to enjoy your nuggets of horror more when you enjoy writing them as much of old. Family and friends come first.

    Cheers mate!

    1. I just couldn’t delete mine, too many comments and interactions I love looking back on. I’m happy you are still doing any reviews, however brief, and really appreciate you stopping by. Whenever you can.

      Thank you my friend, and I couldn’t give up when I have people like you to chat with :)

      1. That picture of yourself you posted a while back didn’t help either.

        I all seriousness, this isn’t a job and it’s not supposed to be a chore, it’s something you do because you enjoy it. You don’t have to adhere to a schedule. Only do it when you really want to do it. Just step away from it for a while then you may start to miss it and get back your passion for it again. And please send all of your readers my way.

        1. Photo made you feel inferior did it? Less of a man? To be expected I guess ;)

          But yeah I tried stepping back and using just guest posts, that was my problem really. I got too lazy. Now I want to write and will have more chance to do so without the imdb reviews. Thanks buddy, deep deep deep down I know you can be supportive when it’s needed. I appreciate it. Ill send you a viewer a day for the rest of the week.

  12. Hey bro, the way I look at it, if YOU aren’t happy with what you’re putting together, the joy of doing what we do is gone. That’s a big deal. It’s one of the reasons we do this – the joy and the personal satisfaction of allowing our individual voices be heard through our writing. I’m behind any changes you make that keep your passion and inspiration burning!

    1. I love the work done by all the amazing contributors, and I’m proud to have used it. I just felt it wasn’t where I should be going, you know?

      I need to get back to my own writing and enjoying it, and the last few days with my reviews on here have given me the push to change things.

      Thanks Keith, appreciate your comments dude :)

  13. While I suppose I’ll miss aspects of the IMDB films, I couldn’t support this decision more. I mean, it’s your blog dude, do whatever you want! I’m not going anywhere, the reason love reading your blog is because of your reviews, which is ironic because most movies you review would make me spoil myself. ;) Looking forward to what lays ahead!! :D

    1. Lol you crack me up dude, not all the films I watch are that horrifying. Just 95% of them ;)

      Ill miss the imdb stuff in a way, and as much as I’ve tried everything in my head as to how to keep it all, i just have to put my own needs first. Thank you for contributing your excellent reviews, and I’m happy to hear you’ll stick around. As will I with your site, even when you post about Star Wars and things :)

  14. I’ll definitely still read if you want to write. But I understand. I think most bloggers understand. I’ve gone through many days where I’ve wanted to post a ‘This is the end of Kloipy Speaks’ but ultimately haven’t. My problem when I first started was that I felt an obligation to write something every day, so that eventually stopped and now I just post when I feel like it. I’ve gained about 600 followers and some who comment regularly (like yourself) and I still enjoy doing it. But I rarely post movie reviews anymore, just stuff I want to post, when I want to post it.

    My biggest complaint is that when I post just a picture of something it gets a ton of hits, but when I write something I feel that is really great, it only gets a few views. I know for me personally when I stop enjoying it (or get a paid writing deal hahaha) I will stop. But for now I still enjoy it and hope you do too!

    1. I can ask the simplest question on here or post about an anniversary and get triple the numbers than a review I spend 4 hours writing. Those the breaks! LOL.

      I don’t feel obligated to post each day as such, but I needed to get the IMDB reviews up, and wanted to give everyone their fair share of time as the recent post. It just left me with no time to post my own reviews, and I got lazy and depressed.

      Glad to hear you’ll stick around, always appreciate you stopping by. And I look forward to you posting more photos :)

  15. I unfollowed you a long time ago – after that whole REC 3 thing.

    As you might remember, I have started other blogs in the past that I thought were good ideas and did them for a month or so and then quit when they got to become “work” instead of “fun”. You should never do anything that doesn’t make you happy.

    It’ll be a shame to see all of those people’s work just disappear though….

    1. I thought you had…..yet you still keep coming back!!! ;)

      Me writing more makes me happy. And not sharing the spotlight lol.

      Thats the hardest part – I hope everyone has the reviews on their site already. No one really seems to have any concerns about it from reading this, only Phobos wants to get his work back :)


      1. Just let me know when you take them down – I have links to your site on my movie list – I don’t want them to go to a dumb error : )

        Good luck!! Be happy!!

        1. I’ll give it a week I think. But I’ll email all the contributors to give you time to steal your work back if necessary. And I’ll reply to your other email soon, just woke up and lots of catching up to do. So many nice comments, very unexpected. I need to fish for praise more often LOL :)

  16. Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly get any dumber…

    You go and do something like this…

    and TOTALLY redeem yourself!

      1. I assume you know where that quote comes from? If not, maybe you SHOULD delete your blog, and have your movie-watching license suspended! :)

        1. I can’t wait for “Dumb & Dumber To” which is supposed to start shooting next year! :)

  17. Why can’t you just make separate A-Zs for your posts and guest posts? That would seem a lot better than to just delete everything. If they have categories that define them as such, you should be able to find a plugin that can create those A-Z lists automatically.

    I struggle with a similar concern so I totally understand. I always wanted my site to reflect my taste, so I’ve only ever had contributors that I feel also reflect some of that same brand. I can’t imagine posting a Twilight review, for instance. Maybe you should have gone with the Bottom 250 instead? Definitely woulda hit more horror on that one! In any case, good luck in the future. It’s tough to find time to do these blog things when life changes happen.

    1. It all boils down to effort and time I guess. Would still need to go back into each review and change it. And have a separate list somewhere. I thought about it, but it doesnt negate the fact that those films are still on my site. And more importantly I’d still be stuck in the quandary of posting them and not having enough time to post my own work.

      Funnily enough, the plan when the Top 250 was finished was to go for the bottom 100 which is also on IMDB. Definitely more trashy horror, but again still puts me in the same situation. A separate blog might be necessary. Thanks for commenting Will, much appreciated buddy :)

      1. Are all the reviews in your IMDB Top 250 by guest contributers? If so, you wouldn’t have to go into each review to change the categories. You could create a new “Guest Posts” category, go to “All Posts”, filter by “IMDB Top 250″ in WordPress’s dashboard, then use the bulk edit option and add every single post to “Guest Posts” with about two clicks.

        Not sure if this is good enough for getting them out of your A-Z list though on your theme (is there a filter you can apply?). But it might be a start.

        Anyway, you’ve done this on purpose haven’t you? Here’s me, checking out your IMDB Top 250, seeing if there’s something I’d like to contribute, and then you post this!! ;)

        Ha-ha, just kidding. ;) In all seriousness, I understand if you want to get back to something more personal. I don’t think I’d be keen on having my website full of reviews for romcoms, for example, even if they’re written by other people. Like others have said, it’s your blog at the end of the day, and you can do whatever you want with it. I think sometimes, something simple like a change of theme can be enough reinvigorate your interest. I’d like to see you carry on, but in a way that interests you and keeps you excited. I’m sure no-one would mind if you took a little break to think things over, especially with a kid on the way! :)

        1. Thanks for the tip Monkey, it would still leave the problem of a) the reviews being on my site and b) not having time to post them ahead of my stuff. Thats what it comes down to really, so by removing them Im under less pressure to post them and I can concentrate on the reviews I write and want to post.

          I am sorry though, especially after emailing you!! Thank you so much for the offer, truly appreciated. I hope you understand where Im coming from though. Can I tempt you with a Desert Island list instead?! ;)

    1. They are going, just need you to sort me the original clean images again. ;)

      I know you do man, I know, I just hope we can both get our love for it back. Where is my blu ray?!

      Thanks Chris :)

  18. I may not be all horror/violent movie crazy but I love the movies you recommend and you and a few other bloggers have motivated me to get back into that genre. So I’m definitely not going anywhere. You should do what feels right for you. We all think about when it gets overwhelming and sometimes we just need to make the necessary changes to be enjoyable. If removing the IMDB project is what works for you, I’m totally cool with it :) I’ll still be around to check out everything else! Plus, blogging is supposed to be fun and its your space so do what you think keeps that happy for you! Totally supportive of any decision..as long as you stick around. I’d be sad if you had to close it all down. This is such an awesome blog, Tyson!

    1. I might need to clarify my comment and genre as I dont want to put people off me totally lol. Not just psycho stuff, but I know what you’re saying, and its good to see you embracing your darker side Kim! :)

      I dont want to close it down, I just need to make it more personal and about me. Hopefully in doing so my love will return and I can be proud of what I’ve achieved. And not have Potter and Pirates in my A-Z ;)

      Thanks Kim

  19. Good luck, Oh Holy Child. May the grace of the gods shine upon you in this time of need and that the evil spirits that continually seek to invade your temple of a body be kept at bay. Of course, letting those baddies in may be exactly what you need. So go get raped. Let them destroy you. Only to build you back up again.

  20. Respect buddy. Your site – do exactly as you wish. When peeps submit to your site, like I have, it has certain terms of use and if you no longer have use for it then that’s absolutely fine. I completely agree with wanting it to be your work too, you know, my site is now tag-lined “a one man show” for a reason – I have never offered my site out to others (in no way judging {or even in a position to}, anyone who does) I want my site to reflect me, the movies i have watched and I want my reviews to be of a good standard and not “this was good, that was bad”. Saying that I am not precious about it, I just want to own it. If its shit it’s shit if I get likes and comments – joy! I am glad, very glad you have decided to take ownership of YOUR site and write about the things YOU love and your priority is horror/indie, you clearly love that. we talked some time ago about why we do this and how chasing views and community is hard and takes us away from what we want to achieve and enjoy. Since then I have focussed on writing as best I can with the limited time I have, if I need a break I take one (which I will probably do this week). You helped me realise that Tyson and I think your spot on here my friend. I have even more respect for you now fella. P.S. I will always come and drop by, if I don’t give me a nudge!

    1. We did have a good chat, and I know you have my back as I have yours. Thanks for this comment Kev, I truly appreciate it. And it’s like your reading my mind or something lol!! It has to reflect me, ultimately, and I need to get it back to the way I intended. And I will.

      Thank you my friend :)

  21. You’ve become a family friend around here. I’d hate to see you go. While I more than understand YOUR family obligations, I hope you find maybe a modified way of continuing things. Think of me as Joey, the kid and you as Shane at the end of that flick.

    1. That really means a lot Garry, thank you!! I will stick around, it may just be slightly less films you will be interested in getting reviewed on here. But at least I’ll be writing them so you’ll know who to send the hate mail towards!!

      Thank you Joey :)

  22. If the site has gone somewhere that you didn’t really want it to go then I think you should do everything you can to fix that. I’ll keep reading no matter what you do. I enjoy the IMDB project, but I honestly have just as much fun learning about all of the horror films that you love. And I can understand that you want the blog to feel more fit to your tastes. I would hate if I had ratings on my sight that I disagreed with or if my site endorsed movies that I don’t have any interest in. It almost wouldn’t feel like my blog anymore, so I totally understand where you’re coming from.

    1. Endorsing movies = perfect description! It does break my heart a little seeing 20+ films score higher than Casino. Enough is enough lol. Thank you Garrett, and I look forward to seeing you stick around. :)

  23. As sad as it would be to see Head in a Vice disappear, you ultimately have to do what you have to do. I’ve thought about quitting DSB a few times because it’s so so so dreadfully obscure. But I’m actually kind of coming to terms with this fact, or at least recognizing some benefits of keeping low key (total control over everything, which is something you mentioned). I am a control freak, hahah, so I have to have my site the way I want it. That said, I’m really struggling to get people involved so if there’s any pointers you have from your experience that you could offer I’d be greatly appreciative. One of my great fears, is, yes — having to reformat the page so that my header is a little more user-friendly (yikes). I’ve already sunk a decent amount of $$ into it but maybe I’m looking at having to switch themes yet again. Hopefully you’ll find a way to manage everything that’s going on with your site the way you want it, since this page is really one of my favorites. Cheers.

    1. You should take over the IMDB project!! Lots of people, lots of interaction!! ;)

      I know the guest reviews brought in some of the popularity I have, but I’d like to think people were here before that for other reasons. And I’ll do my best to keep people coming back now its just me writing. Either me writing everything will be enough or push people away lol.

      Being a control freak is a good thing. Ive shared for so long, and now I have to get things back in order. Thanks Tom, and dont worry, the Desert Island and your choices are all still safe and happening :)

  24. We all face a crisis sooner or later. I bumped square up against it when I overtopped 1000 posts, many of which were reposts. If I didn’t deal with the crush, my site was going to collapse under its own weight. I began deleting posts I hadn’t written from oldest forward. I am continuing to do it. I also needed to post less often; I was facing burnout. I wanted to show more original writing and photography, less reposting unless it is something very special or relevant. I still leave room for great reviews by others of movies I haven’t yet seen myself or news I think is important. Unsurprisingly, my numbers dropped sharply — about 40%. That’s the price you pay for not posting what others expect. My “regulars” stuck with me. Others, not finding the volume or variety I’d been posting wandered off to greener pastures.

    I decided I didn’t want to be a curator. I began blogging because I’m a writer and photographer. Just curating other’s writing was not the point of this exercise. Big numbers are nice … but meaningful numbers are better. You’ll find the right balance. It may take a while, but you’ll get there. I started reading your blog for your writing, before you got so busy with community building. I’ll continue to read your stuff — maybe more than I do now :-)

    1. Nice to know you read my stuff for my writing. Thats what I’m hoping will keep people around. There will still be community aspects like the Desert Island, but the reviews will all be from me. Glad to hear you will still be reading Marilyn, it means a lot, and I love seeing you and Garry around these parts! Thank you both so much. :)

  25. P.S. I’ll bet most of your writers, like us, kept copies of their posts. I can’t imagine any writer not having his/her own copy of something published elsewhere.

  26. A long time ago I decided that fun was more important than traffic and I only blog when I’m good and ready. So you do what you need to do; I’ll still be reading! BTW have you seen Byzantium yet?

    1. I will probably lose traffic removing all the IMDB films, but it doesn’t bother me. I just need time for my own writing, so many films and things to share with you all, and now I’ll have more chance! :)

      I haven’t seen it yet, have you?

      Thank you!! :)

  27. Yeah, what they said.

    I think it totally healthy and a good sign when bloggers periodically re-invent themselves. Do what you must to keep sane, and keep your blog fresh to you! Because if you’re not liking it, I’m guessing your readers will pick up on that too.

    I also think there’s a lot of wisdom in brideofthebookgod’s tidbit on blogging when you’re good and ready. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to balance home and work commitments with my blog passion. I’ve decided that posting less often while keeping the content quality high seems a good trade-off. My experience trying to find blogging time after the kids were born has been tough: lots I want to say on the blog, not enough time to write and polish posts to allow for anything like a regular posting schedule, which can be very frustrating on occasion. Between the kids (aged 5 and 10 months), spending time with my wife, and the ever-present day job, I’m lucky some nights if I get a sentence in. Other nights I’m simply to exhausted to care. But there’s something to the notion of bloggers balancing all these real life priorities and passions to work toward build a *patient* constituency that can stick around days (or many days) between posts, may be a better community to build, and we “tapped out people with a passion” get to pace ourselves, not being allowed to let the passion become a chore.

    1. I think I can manage the time side of things, its literally the time to post my work in between fighting the IMDB reviews. Now all the posts will be mine, it gives me more time and freedom. I hope! :)

      Thank you for the sound advice, it’s very much appreciated. This passion should never be a chore, perfectly said! :)

  28. How dare you, sir.

    Shit, you should be able to do whatever you want with your own blog. I can see something getting bigger than expected and overwhelming. Plus, if you want to do horror stuff and nothing else, you shouldn’t feel bad about doing so. I think this post was a good idea, though. When are you thinking about getting rid of the IMDB stuff? I’d like to put up my reviews on my own blog, so I’ll just need to grab the pictures I used on some of them.

    I can say from experience that you’ll have less time for blogging. I just inadvertently took like 2 and a half weeks off, as a matter of fact. But I think a less frequent posting schedule is just how it has to be. I try for one a week (and fail quite often). But I’m lazy, as I think I’ve said about 800 times.

    1. I know, so rude, sorry :(

      I just wanted to let people know, especially you fabulous contributors!! I’ll be emailing you all, but I think next week sometime. I’ll give you time to rip off your stuff from me. ;)

      Hey, I imagine its much more fun than blogging though right! I can’t wait to see my screaming child and have no time for anything else. Im also lazy.

      Thank you Phobos :)

  29. Can’t tell you how many times I changed themes until I found one that spoke to me, kept it reasonably simple. Slow down, if you must post something every day, mix it up, post a little easy one day, a full review the next. Maybe it’s time for you to ramble into a bit more commentary about what kind of theaters you might visit, video stores, other miscellaneous things, etc. You have a “blog”. Weblogs are dairies, quite a bit of the time, & people’s physical diaries sometimes have a lot, sometimes a little in them; for their daily entries. Don’t be hasty. Focus on being receptive to something that you have an inkling, might be a good idea & let your brain sort it out with a night’s rest. Stick to a ritual of writing, in a certain way. Structure & continuity. It’s difficult for even the best writers of anything, to think of new structures every day. Let the ideas that you have be expressed within the structure. Gathering all sorts of pics is exhausting & distracts from your writing, which is good. I have graphics on my site, I don’t change them that much, people don’t expect it. When I write, I focus on the writing & everything else is already in place. I can write a 300, 500 or (not so often) a 1000 word something (post, review, commentary, musing, whatever) within an hour & have it posted & scheduled. I can cut that hour up, spread it out all evening or day.
    It’s like physical exercise. Any health club will tell you, that if you over do it & burn out, it’s not fun, not pleasant & because it’s a “chore” you’ll discontinue it. Pace yourself & simplify. A website is your house on the internet. You don’t need to move the furniture around every day. You know you’ll have to change your theme now, that you already aren’t completely happy with it. Get that out of the way & write. Writers need to write to express themselves. It’s important & not to be discarded or demeaned. You’ll regret it if you do. Structure. Can say enough about the importance of structure.

    1. You have a habit of leaving fantastic comments that I can’t really say anything to except thank you!! :)

      I like structure. Thats my problem really, as I want to use the guest reviews, then the other projects, just one post per day. That leaves me 1 day MAX for my own reviews each week. Thats not enough, and now I get the chance to do 4 or 5 reviews (bit optimistic) or none but its on my own terms. When I want, and what I want.

      Thank you Marc, as always my friend :)

  30. I totally get where you are coming from man. I am constantly expanding my site away from what it originally started out as being. And often I have to scale it back because it is spread too thin. Don’t close your site down. You’ve got a beautiful thing goin on. Just get back to the weirder shit that made you want to start your blog in the first place.

    1. Spreading too thin sums it up right! I get these ideas but sometimes keeping it simple is the best. I have to get things back to how I originally intended. That means more weird shit for people like you (I hope) to come back and see. Plus, your country is responsible for most of the weird shit I watch :)

      Thanks buddy

  31. Tyson have you considered cloning yourself?

    Having a kid is a weird time friend, makes one a bit introspective for sure. At the end of the day it is your blog and you should do with it as you see fit. Also you should feel free to take a break when you want, if it stops being fun and becomes a chore then you are doing it wrong IMO.

    1. I was never any good at science. Slight draw back in the cloning. :)

      Doing my own writing isnt a chore as such, I just cant fit them in around all the IMDB stuff. Now I have no excuse, and look forward to loving writing and posting again. I hope!

      Thanks Adam :)

  32. Take some time off and write whenever you want; I’ll still get the email to check it out, and I will! These kids will be the death of us.

  33. Oh no!! Don’t give up on blogging, Tyson. Just write when you can and what you’re passionate about, I mean I don’t even like horror and I read your blog :D I hear ya about the guest posts thing though, that’s why I limit just one guest post a week and I don’t have it every week. I agree that your blog should be about what you like and your cup of tea. Once in a while I have stuff that’s not something I’d watch (today’s post is a prime example) but so long as I think it adds value to my blog, I’d allow it. Well, I hope you continue blogging, and my best wishes to your [growing] family!

    1. I dont want to give up, it was just something I considered until I realised that the IMDB reviews was the thing I needed to change. Now I can churn out more horror for the horror lovers like yourself to read ;)

      I love the fact there are people like yourself that read my work whilst not being fans of the genre. I await the day I review something that you watch and like!! One day lol.

      But seriously, thank you Ruth, Im not going anywhere. Changes are needed, but Ill still be here. Showing you all photos of my newborn whenever that day arrives :)

      1. Yay, glad to hear Tyson! Ahah, well there have been some stuff you reviewed that I did watch, remember Cabin in the Woods? I hope you’d pop by my place sometime too, even if I don’t review horror stuff. :D

        Looking forward to more pics of your newborn!

        1. True, true!! And yeah, I’ll always visit you. Much easier now I’ve actually subscribed!! I lost all my subscriptions so having to go back and manually follow people which is annoying and time consuming. But worth it, for great writers of course :)

  34. I went through the same thing, still going through it actually, before my son was born and after. Trust me when I say this, nothing will matter once you see your child for the first time. Blogs, deadlines, eating, breathing, it all comes to a stop the minute you see them. As a new dad I can honestly say, hang in there, and prioritize. Take the time now and make sure you know how to budget your time. That is the best advice I can give you. You can still do all you want to do, but it is very limited. The first couple of months are really the hardest, but it does start to get easier after that. Sorry for the rant. Really respect and like what you do here. One of the better blogs on the net. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help.

    1. Not a rant at all, great advice my friend, thank you so much! Only one of the better ones eh!! Haha, again, thank you and especially for always stopping by and contributing. :)

  35. I’m sorry for loving Harry Potter, OKAY!!! I said it!! ;)


    I’ll still be a regular(ish) here buddy, don’t you worry about that one :D I love your work.

    You do what you have to do; and I know I’ve said expect my desert island films picks sooner than later umpteen times before, but expect sometime over the summer :D I’ll force myself to make the list if I have to…

    1. LOL – I know, and Im sorry for using your film as an example. Nothing personal, just the damn film :)

      I look forward to your list. Im even worse than you at time keeping and delivering stuff. I look forward to it whenever it arrives :)

  36. I hope you rediscover your love of writing mate, I’ll always look forward to your stuff. I can understand wanting your site to be mainly your work.

    By the way that new logo is amazing, want to do one for me? :) I have no computer skills!

    1. Thanks Mikey, and for contributing a review. Was an honour to feature your work.

      As for the logo, thank you!! However, mr Film Hipster made the initial logo you see in my header. I simply dicked about with photoshop until I made it different. He’s the man you need to sweet talk/bribe. Until I get better and take his job from him :)

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