All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

mandy lane poster

A group of high-schoolers invite Mandy Lane, a good girl who became quite hot over the summer, to a weekend party on a secluded ranch. While the festivities rage on, the number of revelers begins to drop quite mysteriously.

A film getting some good buzz at the moment is the zombie film Warm Bodies, which is out in February and stars Nicholas Hoult and John Malkovich amongst others. The director of that, Jonathan Levine, actually cut his teeth with his directorial debut and todays review All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. It’s a film I have been wanting to review for a while, and now seems as good a time as any.

all the boys love mandy lane poster

Originally finished in 2006, the film premiered at a number of film festivals throughout 2006 and 2007, but didn’t receive a theatrical release until February 2008 in the United Kingdom, and was never even released in the United States.

The movie stars Amber Heard as Mandy Lane, an unattainable teenage beauty. 9 months after a fellow student is killed trying to impress Mandy by jumping off the roof of a house (as you do……..) she finally relents and agrees to try and move on by having some fun. She agrees to go on a weekend trip with her popular new friends.

mandy lane pool

Her friends are the usual cliché of American students with terrible teenage issues and problems. The geek, the hot girls, the hot guys, the love triangles and mix all this with alcohol, drugs and teenage hormones and you have yourself one hell of a weekend getaway.

mandy lane girls

mandy lane boys

We have Mandy’s best friend, Emmet (Michael Welch), Red (Aaron Himelstein) who is hosting the party at his father’s ranch, Chloe (Whitney Able), Bird (Edwin Hodge), the ranch hand Garth (Anson Mount), Jake (Luke Grimes) and his girlfriend, Marlin (Melissa Price). To make things exciting, we also have ourselves a mysterious killer who shows up on the ranch and begins brutally killing off the teens one by one.

all the boys love mandy lane cast

I have to say that I really enjoyed All the Boys Loved Mandy Lane. And I may have been one of those boys in love with Mandy Lane………she really nails the siren role here perfectly. The unattainable, perfect female creation who knows exactly what all the guys she has ever met wants from her but refuses to give in to any of them. Classy girl. Amber Heard is fantastic in this role, but credit must go to the whole cast as they all pull their weight and it makes the film work so well. Apparently a lot of the dialogue was improvised, and it came across as it should, just a group of friends casually chatting and having real conversations. And a bit of sex….. :)

mandy lane

For the first half of the movie anyway. Once we hit the second half, we are shown a few secrets and the film kicks it up a few gears. Action, blood, violence and scares, nothing is spared here. There are some very interesting and inventive kills, and the order of deaths is totally unpredictable. All good things as far as a horror movie should play out. Visually it looked stunning, some really cool colourful shots mixed with some old-looking faded moments, it really did mix things up and hats off to the director for making something so beautiful on such a low-budget.

mandy lane cast

It was at times very reminiscent of the good 70’s & 80’s slasher films, with a simple premise of a hidden killer stalking some teenagers, and whilst we get so many poor imitation movies in this beloved genre, Mandy Lane is head and shoulders above the others. I am gutted more people haven’t seen this movie, it really deserves to have hit a wider audience. It is clever, beautiful to look at (I don’t just mean Amber Heard, but mainly her!) and has an excellent ending, which really did surprise me in a good way! I always love a good twist ending, and this certainly had one. If you do have the chance to see Mandy Lane, I urge you to spend some time with her and give it a watch! Ideally without googling it, just take my word for it ;) There are lots of spoilers around the web, even some images, so I have tried my best to entice you without spoiling anything. Enjoy!


Since I love a good bit of trivia & conspiracy, I thought I would just share this one as I sign off.

Local legend has it that John Wilkes Booth evaded capture in Virginia after his assassination of Abraham Lincoln and was the caretaker on the ranch property. He told the property owners his true identity as he was dying. They buried him in an unmarked grave next to the oak tree which Mandy Lane walks by to see Garth.

7 stars


  1. Great review for a great, great, great film. Can you tell I loved it? Somewhat amazingly, I don’t own the film! For as much as I loved it, I kept looking for a blu-ray copy and by the time one surfaced, I had moved on to other things. One day I might just own a copy of it. :-D I loved the ending and the twist when it was revealed. Have I said it’s a great film?


    1. So you liked it??! :)

      Good to hear Mike. Needs more fans, really is good fun. The twist was great, and I dont buy all these people on IMDB that say they guessed straight away!

      Cheers buddy :)


      1. IMDb forums and message boards are great, aren’t they? So many “smart” people who know and can guess so many plot points, twists and subliminal messages…Or as I like to think of them: overly impressed with their questionable intellectual prowess and insight. lol :-D


        1. Haha, they are one of the reasons I made this blog. Every film, especially those with a twist, from Saw to Sixth Sense, everyone knew everything and twist! Its like they are ashamed to admit they were surprised! :)

          This one really got me, and kept on delivering until the end


        2. Agreed! I remember being almost shocked to the core when the reveal came almost like a comic book character with my chin on the ground! It’s only afterwards when you’ve re-watched the movie that you can see some signals and oblique signposts that are easily missed until the end of the film. :-D


        3. Yeah Ive seen it a few times now, and whilst I know I still like looking for clues! Bit like with ‘Frayed’ that I reviewed a while back……love that movie, you might like it since you like Mandy Lane.

          Did I mention Amber Heard is beautiful :)


  2. I remember hearing about this movie and wanting to see it because 1) Mandy Lane – Misty Layne and 2) because of that Bloodhound Gang song and 3) because it looked pretty wicked. So thanks for reminding me of it! Great review!


    1. Maybe the sequel could be about you?

      All the cool kids love Drive and think Misty Lane is uncool??

      Just a thought ;)

      Seriously though, thankyou, and I hope you get chance to catch it one day :)


        1. LOL!! Fight, fight, fight!!!

          Apparently its still quite expensive to order for you Americans…..which is a travesty since it is easily available everywhere over here in Europe. One day I hope you get chance :)


  3. Man I have wanted to see this for years. True story – my friend (who goes by “Lem” on the net) and I got marooned out of town one week for a work trip and he had a magazine with an article with the director about making this movie. That article was the impetus for him writing his movie (and me trying to write mine: )

    If we look at the timeline of things, that article also got us into movies and then – into my blog and then yours. So – in conclusion, you have All The Boys Love Mandy Lane to thank for me being in your life.


  4. Awesome review! I haven’t seen it but the trailer looks pretty awesome! Although if it hasn’t had a US release, chances are it won’t have it available in most stores here. My best bet would probably be some over priced version on Amazon. And the hunt begins :)


    1. Thank you Kim!!

      Yeah it’s been out on DVD for ages over here. I hope there is a way you can see it, or streaming whatever, if it isn’t on DVD over there. It should be, more people should see this! :)


  5. Like the rest of the ‘Mericans on here, I haven’t seen this, but I’d love to. One of my faves from my youth is Happy Birthday To Me, ever seen it? Not the greatest movie and not the greatest ending, but damn, just thinking about the last shot of the movie still cracks me up.


  6. Great review! I have a very big crush on Ms Heard, so I seek out her work. In fact, I’ve been forced to watch some awful movies specifically because of her. Haha. But I’ve never been able to find this one. I’ll have to try harder because now I’m very anxious to see it. Thanks.


    1. She is beautiful :)

      I quite liked her in The Ward, but this is her best role I’ve seen her in. Hard to track down, Mandy Lane, but well worth it I would say. Hope you like it if you do ever catch it. Thanks Matt :)


      1. She was good in The Ward. I wasn’t crazy about the movie itself, but her performance was definitely a high point. It’s kind of a common theme with me and her movies, lol. The Informers, And Soon the Darkness, The River Why and Remember the Daze all have their faults (some have many) but I still happily watched them because of her. lol


        1. Yeah not the best film. And Soon The Darkness…..that rings a bell, sure Ive seen that. Not the others though. She was nice in Pineapple Express, not as hot though ;)


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