Tyson’s Roundup – 2012 in Blogging

Tyson's Roundup

Today I just want to say a few things, offer some thanks and show some love to people and their sites who have helped shape my 6 months in blogging.

In June 2012 I created this blog with the aim of sharing some movie reviews in the hope someone somewhere would maybe read them, and hopefully like what I had to say. Fast forward 6 months, and I can’t believe how far this site has come. I am going to name drop a few people throughout this post that have shared and shaped this journey for me, as I round-up my 2012 in blogging. For those I don’t mention directly by name, believe me I am beyond grateful you visit me here, I apologise for not having time to list everyone!

I’m 99.9% convinced that the very first post I read somewhere else that rocked my world was when John from Written In Blood not only added me to his blogroll, but also added my site name on a list on people’s sites to check out on a post he made. He may well of forgotten this but I never have. I remember thinking ‘wow, someone has said my name, in a good way……he has a hugely successful site, maybe just 1% of his viewers will check me out, maybe I can make this work!‘. Thank you so much John, it meant the world to me.

Gradually I met more and more people, and was always so proud to see my site listed on blogrolls. I know a lot of people don’t use them, or click them, but when I was starting out, seeing my name there was a huge morale boost.

Eventually I created a couple of projects which really helped things take off. The main reason I did this was to try and create an interactive community, and I wanted to give a reason for people to join in and comment. I started up my IMDB TOP 250 project first, where I want to offer a review for all the films on that list. I knew I would need help, and have been stunned by the amount of people volunteering to help. There are too many to name, but they have their own page on my site and please check them out on the Guest Contributors page HERE. Then I wanted something personal to an individual, so made the Desert Island Film project. Again, I am constantly amazed by the success of that, over 50 entries so far with more asking to join all the time. I always want more volunteers, so if you ever fancy it (or don’t know what it is but would like to learn more) please click HERE. You will also see everyone and their sites that has taken part so far.

I mentioned yesterday what my personal blog highlights were in terms of an individual achievement, and they can be seen HERE. Aside from that, just getting any kind of audience has been overwhelming. When I started out, I would happen across sites such as Fogs’ Movie Reviews & Andy Watches Movies for example, and see the amount of ‘likes‘ and comments they received, and I used to dream of one day getting that kind of response. Now I see other bloggers saying they would love an interactive site like I have here, and that honestly makes me swell with pride. I know I’m still a long way of the numbers of visitors some people get, but believe me, the numbers I have had here are beyond my wildest dreams and I’m so grateful to everyone that has ever stopped by here.

I have seen everyone posting their 2012 stats that WordPress very kindly compiled for us, so thought I would share some of mine.

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 52,000 views from 153 countries in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 12 Film Festivals.

Not bad considering I only started in June! :)

My most viewed posts in 2012 were:

1 – The Strangers (2008)
2 – Snowtown (2011)
3 – Tyson’s Friend Dan – Desert Island Films
4 – The Divide (2011)
5 – Casino (1995)

Not only am I gutted that The Strangers has been so popular considering I didn’t like the film, to see out of 50 Desert Island posts, my real life friend Dan as the 3rd most popular of ANY post or review makes me a little bit sick and jealous! Considering he hates movies too, but luckily everyone loved his post, and his humour carried into the post nicely.

These were my 5 most active commenters:

1 – Mistylayne
2 – Mark Walker
3 – Fernandorafael
4 – Eric IPC
5 – Atothewr

Please click their names and visit their site if you don’t already. To these 5 people, thank you so much!!! To everyone else that has commented, I am so grateful to each and everyone of you, but try and break into the top 5 for next year alright!? :)

Blog Awards are interpreted very differently from blogger to blogger. Personally, I love receiving them, and have received so many, for which I am eternally grateful. Everyone that has ever nominated me for an award has a link back to their site HERE, but a special mention must go to Marilyn from Serendipity & Mike from Mikes Film Talk who always seem to be passing me some kind of award. You two are amazing for thinking of me, sincerely, and please don’t stop! :)

Speaking of awards, a few weeks ago I made a post asking for my readers to go vote for me in some awards Andy from Rorschach Reviews was running. I vowed that if I won the money would go to charity, and I am proud to announce that thanks to everyone that supported and voted for me I won 2 categories; Best Networker and Best Segment for Desert Island Films. I was also runner-up in Best Blogger by 1 vote, so if you didn’t vote I blame you! I kid, I was blown away to do so well, and it’s all because of you amazing readers. You helped raise $30 which went to the Salvation Army, so thanks for voting, and thanks again Andy for giving me the awards and donating the prize money.

Needless to say, I had a blast in 2012, and that’s because of all of you. I genuinely appreciate every single view, like and comment and I pray they continue! Just to finish off, I have a few more personal mentions to give before I sign off for the day, and get back to watching some horror films so I can review them for a change.

My most popular post in regards to comments and interaction was The Face Off – Drive. I have to thank Mark as my winning partner in crime, and Misty & Kloipy for being amazing opponents. I have more lined up for 2013, and I hope they are as well received.

Currently busy working away designing me some new logos for my new site is a man called Chris, more commonly known as Film Hipster. He runs a great site, and is a graphical genius. Please go check his place out, and I hope you are blown away by his work when I show it off my new site. If he ever finishes them, taking his sweet time…….. :)

So that was 2012. Looking forward, I hope for more of the same. I can only dream of things improving, but I will strive to try and give you all reasons to keep coming back. I hope 2012 was good to you all, and I hope 2013 is even better. Thank you all, again, so much for stopping by, reading my stuff and joining in to make Headinavice.com what it is today.



        1. I get distracted! Someone tells me they have given me another award and I get excited and forget!! ;)

          Emailing you within a few minutes, then I wont forget! LOVE :)


    1. Thanks very much buddy. Appreciate the kind words. I havent forgotten about Wolf Creek, I have lots of notes for all the films and opponents and will be moving things into place very soon. Look forward to beating you relentlessly when we kick it off :)


  1. Congrats my man. So happy to make number 2 on the comments list. I fell away over the Xmas period, otherwise I reckon I could have stolen the top spot from Misty. Either way, I’m happy to contribute. Such a shame we are going head-to-head in the same categories again in the Golden Katz Awards. It’s hard to root for you when you are my nemesis! ;-)


    1. You were very close to #1, mainly because Misty has gone on a hiatus. Selfish ;)

      Love having you as a contributor. It is a shame, but losing to you would still be an honour. Would be as bad as Pulp Fiction losing to Forrest Gump, but still ;)

      Nemesis indeed! Thanks for everything Mark, appreciate it dude.


  2. Wow, didn’t know you only started in June, you have done an amazing job. I’d be interested in joining the Desert Island films project.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. “When I started out, I would happen across sites such as Fogs’ Movie Reviews & Andy Watches Movies for example, and see the amount of ‘likes‘ and comments they received, and I used to dream of one day getting that kind of response.”

    Ha!! :D Well, you’re all growns up now Tyson! LOL I think you get more “likes” than I do (though I probably still have a slight commenting edge ;) )

    You’re doing a great job of connecting with people, and that’s the key, so the success you’re seeing isn’t surprising to me at all. I havent forgotten my “Desert Island Films” by the way, I have a half finished draft… somewhere… I’ll get it to you soon. Promise. :D


    1. All grown up indeed! Still a 6 month novice, but I’m getting there man!! The fact that I’m anywhere near your comments levels is insane to me, i’ll take what I can get! ;)

      Connecting is the key, absolutely. Appreciate your kind words though, the success has surprised me lol!

      Good news about the Desert Island list, I didn’t want to harass you, whenever you get round to it Fogs, no rush, and thanks again, for everything! :)


  4. I had forgotten that you started in June – that’s seriously impressive man! It seems I need to up my game considerably :P
    I hope at some point we can find a Face-Off film that we can do together, I’m sure it would be a lot of fun :D
    Well done on your success this year!


    1. Cheers James, yeah still just a relatively new site I guess, compared to some at least!

      Definitely find a Face Off film, as time goes on there is bound to be something we think of.

      Thanks again mate, thanks for being a big part of it and have a great 2013! :)


  5. I’m glad you have enjoyed so much success. It is SO exciting when someone you admire likes your work. I have gotten a great boost from Jim Butcher, which for me is probably like having your favorite actor or director give you a thumbs up. It’s validation. When we are appreciated by people we admire, it makes the time and effort we spend feel a lot more worthwhile. And, of course, kind of nice to know we aren’t shouting into a void. I spent a lifetime writing for a living, but until I started blogging, no one noticed. This is the most fun I’ve had as a writer in many years. I bet it is for you, too. And we’re just getting started! This could be the start of a beautiful friendship (generate fog, up music, fade to black).


    1. Thanks Marilyn. Thats why I like receiving the blog awards, as they come from people I admire and respect.

      It is great fun, and nice to hear your having a great time too! I look forward to plenty more chat with you and Garry! It means a lot! Thank you for everything :)


  6. Hey, there, Tyson aka “G” namesake. You’ve accomplished so darn much in just over 6 months. It’s AMAZING!! If you stop to think about how many lives you’ve touched and continue to touch, you should be blown away!! As one of those classic (as in old) movies lover, I absolutely enjoy reading and learning about other genres and newer movies from folks who obviously share my passion for movies. Here’s looking at you, Mate!!


    1. Haha, always love it when you stop by Garry! Thank you so much for the kind words. I never really think about what I do as a big deal, just happy even a couple of people seem to like what I do. To know you enjoy what I’m trying to do makes me very proud. Thanks again, and I hope for plenty more chat with you my friend! :)


  7. Awww! I got a mention!! Mind you if you hadn’t mentioned me or my site, I would have been very angry vit choo and then I vould send choo a letter telling you how angry I am (sorry, crap quoting from Team America and the Hans Brix scene). Seriously, great post! :-D


    1. Can’t be making you angry now Mike, not after all the Hitman you’ve been mastering!

      Thanks buddy, you deserve more than a mention, but it’s all I can do. Always love you stopping by, and I look forward to kicking your ass in a Face Off! :)


      1. Never gonna happen dude, the ass-kicking will be headed in the other direction! LOL (of course then it could be construed as being a face-kicking, but only if the other direction is up!) :-D


        1. Haha!! Loving the fighting talk already, always bodes well! Call it what you want, the bad stuff is happening to you. I wont kick your face though, just losing will be punishment enough for you ;)


        2. This is not going to go well for you, I fear. You keep confusing the facts…The #EpicFail will be on your end! I have the power of right and tigers blood to insure my #EpicWin…


        3. And you have John on your team, that man will be good at the insults and trash talk I imagine! I will be screenshotting this conversation for when I win, and make you eat your metaphorical words :)


  8. Congrats on your awesome stats and for having a great 2012. Best wishes and continued success in 2013! Keep up the great work.


  9. Sounds like it’s been an awesome year dude. Can’t help but feel a little green (hulk no smash), but you’ve got a rockin’ site here! Look forward to reading what’s to come in 2013.

    And your vote’s secured on CK’s awards!


    1. No need to feel green, your stuff is excellent! If Chris wasn’t designing me some new logos I would be creeping up to you since I love your look!

      Thanks very much, and for the votes, much appreciated! Look forward to seeing you around a lot in 2013! Cheers :)


  10. A great amount of accomplishments over the past several months. And it is a real nice gesture you put in here in mentioning those that helped/inspired you. Gotta love the blogging community so much! Look forward to more here and in being around more!


  11. Great stuff, Tyson! Looking forward to the next six months! And remember – if you need a volunteer to bash Prometheus in a Face Off – I’m your man! :)


      1. No worries, man! I’m sure you wouldn’t have to drag me in – I’d come willingly you know. :) By the way, I just had a thought – what with all the remakes of classic 80’s horror being thrown at us in recent times – how ’bout the idea of an ‘originals vs remakes’ Face Off? That could be kinda’ fun – as I’m sure you’ll find supporters and detractors on both sides. Anyway, just a thought. :)


        1. Thats what I like to hear, willing participants! Cheers!

          Thats a great idea man, I was thinking along those lines a while back. My sticking point was finding someone who liked a remake, as most people tend to always hate them………definitely worth thinking about again though, need to recruit some remake fans! Thanks for the thoughts dude, always appreciated :)


  12. Yea, it’s pretty insane that you’ve only been doing this for 6 months. The following is indicative of several years’ work. In 3 years, I predict your blog will actually be powering two dozen film festivals.


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