Question Time VII (Part 3) – Your Blogging Highlights

question time 7 pt1

Alright, so to conclude my 2012 related trilogy of Question Times, I want to know what your highlight from 2012 was, in regards to your blog.

I now know what your favourite & worst movies from 2012 were, so now I want to find out some personal details. Not the bad kind, but to be more specific what the best thing (or things) your blog has achieved in your opinion.

For example, was your highlight a record number of views in a day, or a week? Did a particular post of yours bring in huge traffic, or get to the top page on google? Did a Hollywood star re-tweet your review on Twitter? Or is it just something like getting 50 followers, or 100 likes. It can be anything, and as many as you want, as long as it relates to something you have done on your site.

For me, there have been so many. Aside from meeting amazing people like you reading this, a few of my reviews have been re-tweeted by directors, actors & producers, and genre star AJ Bowen even visited and commented on my site HERE. But, as I’m asking you for the best thing your blog has achieved, I would say that mine is getting to chat with and interview a director of one of my favourite horrror movies, which I think is pretty insane and still makes me smile realising something I wrote made that happen.

I reviewed Frayed HERE, and thought nothing else of it. After posting it on Twitter, the director thanked me. Somehow from that we got into being Facebook friends and then Norb (the director) agreed to answer some questions. He posted them up on his Facebook, and stopped by my site here after I posted up the interview. He gave me some exclusives about a sequel, and whilst he didn’t say this, I read between the lines and will be the main male lead in the sequel. I imagine that’s what he will offer me anyway! ;) If you are interested in reading the interview, please click THIS. All this came from me posting a review, thinking no one would ever read it, never mind the person who created the movie, and it is easily the highlight of my blogging year.

Well, that’s my highlight, now I want to hear yours. I’ll even let you post links if you so wish. Feel free to post as many of your special moments as you like, but all I ask is you do me one favour. Please don’t say your highlight was meeting me. Because then it gets weird and awkward, and I guarantee Eric IPC will be writing it if he decides to be honest about this, so just let him be the only one to say it. Alright? Good :) Seriously though, I can’t wait to hear how good 2012 was for you. This is your time to gloat and I won’t think any less of you. Others might, but who cares! Hit me with your blogging highlights! :)

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  1. That’s pretty damn impressive man, did these guys just find you or did you reach out to them? I’m currently in Business school working towards the financial side of the film industry so I’d love some tips on getting in touch with people like that :)

    As far as my highlights, nothing quite as impressive as that but a few might be getting my 100th wordpress follower, reaching 50,000 views in 6 months, and most of all holding the Blogging section of the Rorschach Awards. With over 100 people voting, it felt great to hand out some much deserved recognition to bloggers such as yourself :)

    1. Yeah they all just approached me, or did the retweeting etc. Pretty cool really. Nothing else I did, just obviously liked what they read. I guess if it was my film I would stalk anyone who even talked about it! :)

      Yours are great, stats especially as I said to you on your latest post, sometimes those tags and images bring in incredible things! I hope some of them visitors stay around for you.

      Your awards were a great idea, I’ll be mentioning them and my win (winnings!) donations etc tomorrow in a new post! Congrats for a great 2012 Andy :)

      1. Same to you, and just to let you know I put a check for $30 dollars in the salvation army bin in front of our local safeway. Wrote “Merry Christmas from Tyson Carter” in the memo line :)

  2. Wow Tyson, that is definitely a couple of things to be pretty damn proud of! I’ve had a few brushes with people who were involved with the very things I wrote about — from directors to producers and artists — it didn’t matter how “famous” the person was, it always blew my mind. Aside from that, the biggest moment for my blog was when I struck the blogging gold mine with a post I wrote called ‘The Possession and its True Story’ back in May. Before that post the most views I had in one day was around 200. After writing it my most views in a single day is just over 8,000. Even to this day, 8 months later, that article alone hits around 300-500 views a day. And while my stats bar climbed to an all time high and brought me a ton of traffic, that was just the biggest moment for my blog. My happiest? Meeting all of the lovely bloggers that follow my blog and leave awesome comments. I truly can call you all my friends and as much as I appreciated the traffic, nothing makes me happier than a comment from you guys! So thank you sir, and any of you who follow my blog. It means the world! I hope everyone the best for the new year. Keep on keepin on!

    1. God damn Ryan I need to copy your post and get insane traffic like that! :) Great work dude.

      Yeah for me the fact that these movie people weren’t Brad Pitt or whoever, it didnt bother me at all, the fact that anyone was interested was amazing, and then when the guys and girls that made and were in these films get in touch, however big or small the movie, it still blows my mind, as you said. I am very grateful for those moments.

      Im very lucky how many people comment here, and whilst I would love thousands of visits a day, Im happy just to see a steady increase. Comments mean so much, I agree with you totally. Thanks for always stopping by and supporting Ryan, truly appreciate it :)

  3. For me the best thing about my blog is that I have not had writer’s block for almost four years. I have enjoyed writing ever since I can remember, but I used to struggle in college with English papers and with articles for the student newspaper, and after college, once nobody was assigning me things, I also would go months or years sometimes without writing in my journals. But once I found a subject I could always blog on, I have not struggled with creative blocks anymore. I’m not an ambitious person, and I’m really only competitive with myself, so the little accomplishments like continuing to post make me absurdly happy. Yesterday I did two really good posts and I’ve been over the moon about it all day. I even treated myself to a movie I didn’t intend to blog about.

    1. Thats awesome! Doing something you love, writing, is the best thing, and if that keeps making you smile and being proud of your work, then thats all we can ever hope for, right?!

      Love your work, I’ll always be reading :)

  4. I’m just proud of my blog in general because I really committed myself to it regardless of whether anyone was reading it in the beginning of 2012. I went from pledging to blog once a week till now where I blog everyday and sometimes with more than one post. I had done a stats post a week or two ago and I realized that I went from almost nothing at the beginning of the year to about 200+ followers. December 30th was my best day for views and getting those award nominations was just awesome. It makes me feel so appreciated for all the work I put into this.

    The post I’m most proud of was the one that actually had a lot of views for its individual picture where I scored crazy amount of views. I think it was also because it was the only post my boyfriend shared with his friend who has a lot of friends because he is a professional skateboarder. And I realized that some of my pictures got into the 1st page of search results on Google images. That post was my visit to Pumpkin Inferno back in October. It was when things started to really pick up. Pretty memorable moment for me.

    Another thing was just to talk to so many awesome people out there with similar interests and learn from everyone something new. I had a few posts that were reblogged as well. It felt nice that others enjoyed it enough to do that.

    It sounds like its been a great year in 2012! Here’s to us all staying awesome in 2013! :)

        1. You should put photos of them up and try appeal to the skater crowd :) You wanted a new project, maybe a skate section!

          Its great when stuff gets shared. There are people here who always retweet my stuff, or on facebook, and its nice when it brings in new people that wouldnt necessarily have stopped by otherwise :)

        2. That is a good suggestion. I don’t really know him though, its only through my boyfriend that I know of what he does. I’ll definitely think about it. However, my blog is already so versatile, whats a bit more, right? Thanks :)

        3. Anytime :)

          I’m thinking of filling my site with girls in bikinis. Just for the traffic, thats why my Bait review is always so high on my Top 10. Girls & bikinis, my new sideproject ;)

        4. Its not what I want for my site, but theres no harm in selling out for the numbers right? Im so jealous some people get thousands of views a day!

          I would never do it really, just sneak a few in when I can :) Knew you would support it though, I read between the lines ;)

        5. I need to write something like Ryan has done above, which still gets 300+ views a day 8 months later. Insane. Guy is obviously a genius. I’ll just settle for likes and comments from my amazing community! And more awards, I love those LOL

        6. I’m sure you can do it! :) Being Freshly Pressed will probably bring in a crazy amount of traffic. But you’ve been at this for 6 months, I’d say that you’re doing pretty phenomenal.

        7. Stop it, looks like I’m fishing for praise! :)

          I’m blown away by what is being done here, and just want to continue whatever it is. But thankyou, it means a lot.

          Freshly Pressed is an urban myth. The Face Off we did (the other 3 people I must add) deserved the accolade, never seen a review like it yet other reviewers get fresh pressed. Not that we were bitter, Mark even tweeted them, but they didnt bite and we werent fresh pressed. BUT one day. That is another goal. We are setting a lot of goals today Kim! :)

  5. I just think my big highlights are all the people I’ve met and had the honor of emailing back and forth. Matthew Wise, the co-creator of the web series Bumbloods, kept in touch with me as I did the review of his web series and that was cool. I also had a short conversation with the other co-creator afterward on Twitter. Then there is the conversations over email with Kasia James, the author of The Artemis Effect. I hope all those people become really famous so they can say The Bishop Review was one of their first review experiences. :D

    1. Ha, exactly! You should of stipulated that somewhere, that they had to name drop you if they got famous :)

      Sounds like lots of cool stuff there Bishop, thanks for sharing and all the best in 2013 :)

  6. Great stuff. One particular post I’m proud of was the opportunity to ask some questions to my favorite film critic Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune (and one time co-host of At the Movies). Unfortunately hardly anyone saw it. That’s one reason I’m thinking about reposting it. Quite proud of that one.

  7. My achievements are small potatoes to some but my busiest day on 20th Dec has given me hope for the future. Over 1,500 in one day was good me and I aim to get more of that kinda traffic. Of course, you know this already. Lamb of the Month for October was pretty cool as well and getting onto te Daily Lamb with your good self was another highlight. More of the same please ;-)

  8. I have a few. Taking all the time to shift my blog over to WordPress and get back into writing regularly. And it is always nice to see more people reading (although my blog gets miniscule traffic, about 400 views a month).

    As for individual posts, like you, I think there is something very cool about interviews. I had my first one this year, with director Dan Krige who made a horror film called Redd Inc with Tom Savini this year. It’s here:

    I have another interview hitting the site early next week, which is a good one too. Not a filmmaker, but a pretty interesting person working in the general film arena.

  9. To be honest, I’ve not had exactly a mindblowing year, but it’s all been thoroughly enjoyable. I don’t get the comments or the traffic that many others seem to get but it’s been brilliant getting to know some of my fellow bloggers. I hit over 100 followers which I was pretty pleased about and got a few nice little awards throughout the year which is always nice.

    1. You always pump out great stuff, love stopping by and hope your numbers grow as time goes on, you deserve it mate. Nice to see someone else likes the awards, I always appreciate them :)

  10. Obviously, the biggest highlight of my year was meeting y- wait you mentioned me?? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

    On another note, one day I did a review of a movie featuring one of my favorite actors – Michael Biehn and his wife – and she started following me on Twitter. Not that I ever talked to him but I am sure she mentioned it to him – so – I feel like, in some way, I’ve interacted with him : )

    1. LOL – knew you would love a mention. :)

      Thats cool about Biehns wife. I got that film on your review alone, thats how much I respect your work! Not seen it yet so I may retract this statement…. :)

      I’m sure she went home and told him. Why wouldnt she?! Cheers EI :P

  11. I just started my blog in September, so I haven’t really ‘hit-it-big’ yet, but I do have a few highlights. The best one was probably how popular one of my short stories were. Entitled ‘This Is Not The End’, it was a 1000 word story I wrote for the people out there who are struggling with addictions etc. and don’t feel like there’s a way out. While it didn’t get a lot of views on it the first few days, a friend of mine (a local published author) posted about it on all his social sites, and I got a ton of traffic. Seeing it touch so many people was the best thing I could’ve asked for.

    My other highlight is, of course, all the people I’ve met. I’ve honestly made some new friends through blogging, and I love it when someone Likes or leaves a comment on one of my posts. Some things like that make all the writing I’ve been doing worth it, and I cannot wait to see what the New Year brings.

    1. That’s a really nice story William. Good to see it connecting with people the way it obviously did. Very fulfilling I imagine.

      Comments and likes are a great way to make us feel like someone is reading. As you say it makes it feel worthwhile. Thanks for the comment buddy :)

  12. Happy New Year and congrats on your achievements Tyson. I think my blogging highlights include covering TCFF, the local film festival, and also getting on the press list so I get free advanced screenings which was pretty sweet :D

  13. Hey, Tyson. Sorry to get sappy and soupy but meeting you and your blogger friends gets top raves from me. Thanks to Marilyn, an impressive blogger who just scored awesome “props” from author Jim Butcher, I not only got to meet you and your gang but now am entertained every day by your blogs. I’m also grateful for being able to share some of my movie anecdotes with you and the other mavens. I’m still just a “ringer” but my world is richer. Thanks to all of you!!!

    1. Thank you Garry, thats very nice of you to say. I feel the exact same about meeting you and Marilyn, always keeps me entertained and offers lots to read. Love hearing your stories, and I know plenty of my readers do too. I need to keep finding ways to get you to share more of them! Happy 2013 my friend :)

  14. Our big thing this year was connecting with all these other WordPress movie sites. We went from two views on our articles to dozens and get to interact with some cool people. Second to that was the hundreds of hits we got from people searching for “ass massage.” Also, Elvira started stalking me after I posted my review of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

    1. LOL – its great that ass massage brings you extra hits! I get all sorts of weird ones with my site name……sometimes I think I should tell the police after what it shows people google and find me…….

      Cheers Brian, keep up the great work :)

  15. I started my blog,, four years ago and didn’t tell anyone about it. I realized how far away from thinking about film I had gotten, and I really just did it for myself and a couple of very close friends. This year, I jumped into the community a bit more. That’s really been advantageous for me in the sense that I hadn’t realized just how large the community was. I also saw many more movies (roughly 200) and managed to continue to write an article on every single one. I still find every movie gives me something to say.

    My traffic is moderate. Couple hundred hits a day. I don’t do a ton of self promotion, so it is not something I worry a ton about. But I do have to say that one of my highlights was getting a very positive response for my Casablanca write-up here on your site. It’s an article I had written a few months prior and it was lightly seen. Getting it up over here gave it a nice bit of exposure. So… thanks!

    I’ll hit 500 movies ranked sometime in January. So, that will be my first highlight of 2013!

    1. Couple hundred hits a day is great John!! Good to see you watch so many films!

      Your review was very well received on here. It was my pleasure to post it, and happy to hear it worked out for you. I’ll be back for more of your work soon don’t worry! 500 movies, wow. Keep up the great work John :)

  16. One of my biggest highlights was moving to WordPress from Blogger. I felt like a lonely man on an island at Blogger, but at WordPress you seem to be almost guaranteed a like or two with each post you do.

    I went over 1000 likes on my poetry blog and I’m pretty sure that blog is closing in on 2000 right now.

    Those are a couple of things – good question – keep up the good work.

    1. Definitely easier with WordPress, and makes it feel as though even just a couple of likes someone is reading.

      Sounds like the poetry blog is going great dude, congrats!

      Thankyou! :)

  17. I don’t know of a specific moment, but the year 2012 was a fantastic one of r my blog. It’s been a slow process but this year brought a lot of growth, likes-wise, comments-wise, followers-wise and community-wise.

  18. I only started my blog in August so don’t have anywhere near the numbers some people here have clocked (well done to everyone, by the way!), but my, tiny, personal highlight was when I was brave enough to link my Grave Encounters review in the comments section on a article on The Guardian website about Grave Encounters 2 and got 89 views in one day, and got a couple of lovely comments about it. My blogging resolutions for 2013 are to post more and become more active in the whole community, as I have been rather quiet on that front so far!

    1. Thats really cool with your review! Always hard to put something out there to so many people, but good to hear you got good feedback from it.

      Hopefully see you around more if your trying to be more active, and look forward to reading more of your work! :)

  19. i guess hitting 250,000 page views and getting a check last month for a whole $107 from ads would be the highlights. That will almost pay for 4 trips to the movies for the 3guys lol. O and being nominated for a Lammy for best rating system was super cool :-)

    1. Quarter of a million views and some money, your living the dream man! Congrats! Very envious of those numbers.

      Lammy nomination sounds great, hope 2013 is even better for you! Cheers for stopping by :)

  20. That’s awesome that you have been reblogged by those in the biz! I have only been blogging for under a month but my biggest thrill is when people tell me that it inspired them to write something. That’s the aim of my blog and when I get that feedback, it means I must be headed in the right direction.

    1. Yeah been some really cool things happen, I am very grateful and lucky.

      Thats nice people telling you that your an inspiration, makes it all worth while. Keep up the great work in 2013! :)

  21. To be honest, mine is just being able to write the reviews; and I mean that in two ways:

    1. I utterly enjoy doing it; but
    2. I find it quite hard to write reviews because I have so much to say about them.

    Congrats on the director answering questions!

    1. Good that you enjoy doing it Thomas. Having lots to say is one of the reasons your reviews are so good, always very in depth

      Cheers, was good fun doing the interview, people seemed to enjoy it too, which is great!

  22. I somehow missed the best/worst movies questions, I think. Which is just as well, since I saw very few new releases this year, and those I did see weren’t memorable enough to warrant either best or worst. That said, I can tell you the best movie – that I saw for the first time this year – was either Orphanage or Cabin in the Woods, and the worst was … there were so many … maybe Graveyard Shift.

    My proudest blog moment came when my ’13 iconic movies – for those in need of a horror foundation’ – hit StumbleUpon in a big way in October. Now I’m spoiled, I want thousands of hits on everything I write :)

    Congratulations on your fantastic year. May the next be even better.

    1. Cabin in the Woods was a popular choice for best film so you are in good company!

      I rarely use StumbleUpon but you have now made me want to try it out more! That sounds great, congrats!

      Thank you, and the same to you, have a great 2013! :)

  23. That is so cool Tyson (with regards to the filmmaker getting in touch with you). As I’ve only been blogging solo since June, my traffic hasn’t been all that huge – but it has been steady. I guess the first big highlight for me was discovering this community even existed – it’s been so nice being a part of. The second highlight was having my Desert Island Films selection posted here on your blog (no – seriously!) – I really appreciated everyone’s comments and likes. But the biggest highlight of the year was definitely establishing a direct link from Wikipedia to my Making Of Saturn 3 site:

    It’s surprising to realize I seem to have inadvertently become the world’s number one authority on that particular subject. Who would’ve thought? :)

    1. June was a great month for bloggers starting then, thats when I kicked this off!

      The community really is amazing right!? But more importantly thankyou for saying that about my project, was an honour to post your thoughts as my final one for 2012!

      That is awesome about your Saturn 3 site. Being the worlds number 1 authority on anything is incredible. I hope 2013 is even better for you Greg :)

  24. First off congrats on all your highlights! Those are great achievements that I would hope to reach someday. I certainly always enjoy visiting you page to see what’s up.
    As for my highlights, my blog is very small. I only started it in June and average only 60 views a day or so. Still not quiet sure what I want to do with it. I wanted it to be less a reviews blog and more of a discussion about movies coming up that I am excited about. I used to also do a “random movie of the week” where i would pick a lesser known film and talk about it. Thats what my friends always liked was me introducing them to good movies they’d never heard of before. But I have been so busy with work that I have not had time to do posts aside from reviews and even those are few and far between. Which is sad because that’s why I started my blog is not many of my friends or coworkers see nearly as many movies as I do so I have less people to talk about it. That’s what I love about blogging is I get to talk with people with the same interests as me and hearing about movies I hadn’t heard if before.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I’m grateful you stop by!

      It is hard to find time to post things up I agree. Thats why I try use the guest reviews, so it appears as though Im busy ;)

      Blogging is the best way of meeting people with the same interests. I too am always learning of new films from people I meet around here, and makes it worthwhile when people stop by and watch things on my recommendation. Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you get more time to write this year :)

  25. Aside from doing all the Hobbit puns , some subtle jokes in my A Late Quartet review and sparring with Tyson’s name my closest connection to fame while blogging happened in August 2011. I mentioned in Facebook that I was just heading out to see Another Earth. The ‘Saw Lady’ happened to be online and asked I let her know my views later. Make a long story short which you can read off my blog; I loved the movie’, the music which she did some of and the composer has my review as the first of the blogger amateur reviews on his website. So cool. You never know what post will catch attention. I’d like to put my head in a vice when some get no traffic that I wish would get more.

    1. Thats really cool getting your work on the website! As you say, sometimes something just catches someone’s attention and things snowball from there! I look forward to plenty more sparring and reading your work this year, but keep your head out of a vice man!

      If you ever want to join and do a Desert Island list, I’d love to feature you. Can’t guarantee you huge traffic but I’ll bet some would head your way :)

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