question time 6

Question Time VI – Favourite Christmas Movie

question time 6

Last time out on Question Time VI, I shocked you all by declaring I am nothing but a pseudonym. To those who still feel betrayed, I apologise. Since it’s Christmas, you have to forgive me, and that brings me on nicely to this weeks Christmas themed Question Time!

Following on from yesterdays review of Die Hard, since some people (my wife, Fogs, Eric for example!) :) don’t class Die Hard as a Christmas movie per se, I figured I may as well ask the question directly to see what everyone’s favourite Christmas movie is. You can answer this however you like. If you interpret the question as to which is your favourite movie set at this time of year, then that’s cool. Alternatively, if you have a favourite film which just always reminds you of this time of year, or one you simply have to watch every Christmas, then again that’s all good! Or answer anything and everything, no rules or rights or wrongs here, just looking for some film titles :)

For me, whilst I love Die Hard and it’s a movie which reminds me of Christmas and absolutely IS a Christmas movie, it’s not my all time favourite. My #1 would have to be a tie between Home Alone & Elf.

I will be talking about Home Alone very soon in my entry into Andy & Misty’s Nostalgiathon project (Misty knows, I’ll be in touch Andy!), so for now all I’ll say is that being the same age as ‘Kevin‘ the first time I saw this, he became my hero, and I always dreamed something exciting like this would happen to me. I still watch it yearly and it never gets old. Plus, who knew good old Joe Pesci would turn into one of my favourite movie heroes, for reasons outside of Home Alone, but still!

Home Alone Macaulay Culkin Kevin McCallister-52861

Elf on the other hand, is just the perfect Christmas film. Both being about Christmas, and set at Christmas (confusing this…..never really thought the definition of this all until now!) I first saw it on a plane journey, and my wife kept telling me to stop laughing so loud as I was embarrassing her! The cheek of it……..Since then I have seen it about 50 times and it never gets boring, always makes me cry with laughter, and outside of Anchorman is my favourite Will Ferrell movie.


There are my choices, so please play along if you fancy it and let me know what your favourite Christmas movie is. However you interpret it. Whatever your reasons are for your choice, no matter how ludicrous or far-fetched, anything goes here! Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Great choices Tyson! Those two are easily in my top five. As for my favorite, definitely Elf. I’ve made a commitment to only watch it around Christmas so it never loses its charm, and for the last five or six years, I still laugh like a fool through the whole film. :)


  2. The movies I usually love watching around Christmas are The Shining and Fargo but they’re not Christmas films.

    For my favorite, I’d pick A Christmas Story. I love watching that every year as well as Elf.


  3. I have to say that Home Alone would be my choice as well. I also like Elf (one of the few Ferrell movies) However, I don’t know if it counts or not but Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman is the ultimate christmas viewing pleasure.


    1. Obviously we would have similar tastes, Celtic scouse blood lines and all that ;) nice to see you don’t hate everything Ferrell has done!

      Aled Jones singing, that the film you refer too? Christmas Day religion tv wise that one ;)

      Cheers mark


  4. Definitely Home Alone for me. I watch it every single year and have already done so this year. Elf also a great choice. The majority of Xmas films are utter garbage, so I tend to stick to a select few, although i watched Arthur Christmas the other day and quite enjoyed that.


  5. A Christmas Story is the perfect Christmas movie to me so I’ll go with something less obvious… The Ref. While it’s not a perfect movie Spacey and Judy Davis chewing up the scenery really make the film for me. Especially the scene at the dinner table. Davis’ delivery of the line “Lloyd, why don’t you eat me?” maybe be the the greatest comeback line ever.


  6. If I don’t see Elf at least once during the Christmas season I feel like I missed out on a good Christmas. it’s required, no ifs and’s or buts about it. I also watch ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ every year as well but whether that is considered a movie or a TV episode is the question. So I would have to agree with the majority and say that Elf is my favorite Christmas film….that and ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’. That’s a requirement as well :)


  7. Ah man…doing that Christmas marathon over at my blog makes me have so many going through my mind. My favorite is How the Grince Stole Christmas (animated). Full feature would have to be Polar Express and While You Were Sleeping. Home Alone is back in after my Black Friday purchases this year so I’ll see if I still love it as much (I think I will probably). We always end it with Elf as my boyfriend loves it.


  8. Although ” A Christmas Story ” is a very tough act to beat, I still have to go with good old George Bailey and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It’s the traveling back in time thing they do … I love it. And Jimmy Stewart. A nod to “Miracle on 34th Street” (watched it the night before last). And then, although it’s really a Thanksgiving movie, “Home for the Holidays” still makes me howl with laughter and then think … ah, yes, family. And finally, last but NOT least, is the Alastair Sim version of “A Christmas Carol,” one of the few movies that my granddaughter and I agree about. None of the remakes, no matter how fancy, no matter how good the effects, beats out Sims’ performance as Scrooge. In my mind … and apparently hers, too … he IS Scrooge.


  9. I know its Capra corny but friends on Facebook saw that I posted its a Wonderful Life as my fav. The messages are just timeless. I also love Gremlins set at Christmas time with Gizmo as a gift and very obvious nods to the Frank Capra classic including the town’s name Bedford.


      1. Thanks, Tyson! I enjoy it because it isn’t about pushing religious ideology, it just gives you the tell and lets you decide…it also employs a number of film making techniques I love. :)

        As a pure Christmas film, nothing quite beats Home Alone.


  10. “It’s A Wonderful Life” will always be the stocking filler. But, in recent years, “A Christmas Story” is the one I look forward to watching and watching and watching. It is just so darn funny and I laugh, in advance, as the scenes begin. Darren McGavin was never better!! And, I think I had a lamp similar to the one he cherished. As always, that’s another story. Here’s to all the Ralphies of the world!! May they stay young forever!!!!!


    1. Laughing in advance is something I am guilty of with certain movies. Apparently it’s annoying when I’m creased up in tears before the scene begins :)

      I need to get you to write a huge essay post with these stories Garry, always leave us wanting more :)


  11. One more thought on “A Christmas Story”. The wonderful Gene “Ralphie” Shepherd who narrates “his” story. Shepherd was a wonderful talent whose radio shows I enjoyed immensely. He was gracious enough to to do an interview and “ID’s” for our college radio station.


    1. HAHA – who is this ‘Tyson’??

      Nice choices Fernando. The Holiday being the Jude Law one? Not one Ive seen, or really had the desire to if Im being honest. Maybe I have missed something good?!

      Thanks buddy :)


      1. Hahaha, from now on I’ll always type the word Tyson between quotation marks.

        And yes, The Holiday being the Jude Law one. It’s not for everyone but I LOVE IT. The cast is pretty great and I pretty much like everything Nancy Meyers does.


        1. I dont want to confuse things, my real name is Fernando so I’ll just stick to Tyson so people dont get us mixed up ;)

          I like the cast, Jack Black especially, but never got round to it. If its ever on TV over here again Ill watch it on your recommendation. If I hate it you have to give me 90 minutes back! :)


        2. Haha, in that case, it was a wise decision ;)

          The Holiday is actually Jack Black’s finest role to date (I’ve yet to see Bernie). He’s pretty good and understated and so likeable you want him to end up with Kate Winslet. Fantastic in this, as she always is.


  12. Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. It was on HBO 300,000 times when I was a kid and I still love it now. Although I reviewed it for our site last year and there are several glaring logic problems, but woodland creatures don’t have the best educational system.


  13. I’ve been asking you to do this for weeks! Ideally when I was compiling my list to watch. This is absolutely my most favourite time of the year. My trees been up since the first of December, mulled wines been drunk since November and I’ve even made Christmas cake.

    I love all Christmas films and try to watch as many as I can each year. My all time favourite is Elf I’ll never forget that plane journey where you were laughing hysterically! My second favourite is the Family Stone it has a great loveable cast. Cant not mention miracle on 34th street the newer version another fav.

    A lot of Christmas films combine my second love New York. There’s nowhere like New York in the run up to Christmas and I’ve been lucky enough to be there twice. Serendipity (named after a famous restaurant) is set there and starts at Christmas. I took Tyson to Serendipity for their famous frozen hot chocolate.

    I’ve never seen It’s A Wonderful Life it is on the planner. The only film I wasn’t keen on was Polar Express I’m not sure why just didnt work for me.

    There are far too many other films to mention I could go on and on. No matter how hard I try I can’t get Tyson to watch them all.

    Merry Christmas


    1. I know, but I didnt want to post it in November, as much as people love xmas thats maybe a bit soon!

      I have promised you I will watch Serendipity this year. Just because you bribed me with Kate Beckinsale :)

      Thank you x


  14. Fantastic post – and right up my street! I LOVE Christmas films as you already know! Man ‘Home Alone’ never gets old for me either. There are certain things that just always make me laugh: “Buzz, your girlfriend – woof!” Sorry, that cracks me up! I ADORE ‘Elf’. You are so right about that one, it’s so funny! I love it when he gets excited about Santa coming! I love it when he’s singing with her when she’s in the shower, none the wiser. I love it when Buddy starts to tickle his father when he’s getting tucked in… hahaha! SO good!

    I think that my favourite Christmas film, although oddly enough I’ve not seen it with the same frequency as these two, is ‘Scrooged’. I just love it. So dark, so comical and the bit where the kid talks at the end makes me cry every single time!!! GREAT post, sorry for the massive comment! :)


    1. Thank you!

      That is a great line, there are so many. The bit where he reads his brothers special magazine with all the gross naked girls :) Plus every scene with John Candy, damn I love him!

      Again, with Elf, just so many! The jack in a box bit kills me every time, the fear on his face :)

      Thank you for the massive comment, always appreciate them, especially when they are good fun like yours was! :)


      1. I was meant to watch ‘Elf’ on Sunday as part of the movie marathon. I only made it half way through but I watched the other half late last night… Hee hee hee. Seriously, I laughed hard so many times. I forgot about the drunkeness in the mailroom. It’s ALL brilliant! :) And there’s that little jack in the box near the end of the film that gets him again! :)

        You’re welcome for the massive comment. :) It was fun leaving it, ha ha ha! :)


        1. I know, so many good bits! Im looking forward to posting my review of it now, since the IMDB score isnt very high I was a little worried maybe I was alone in my love for it, but everyone on here seems to love it! :)

          I look forward to plenty more massive comments I hope! Plus you use smilies as much as me so everything here is good! :P


    1. Gremlins again, cant believe I didnt consider it, great choice!

      You dont like Home Alone????????? Not funny???????? Man, are you sure you watched the right movie ;) I kid, to each their own, but I thought it was hilarious!

      Thanks for sharing :)


  15. Home Alone is definitely up there. Had forgotten that in terms of Christmas films. I am a huge fan of Dickens’ book A Christmas Carol. So my favourites along with Home Alone (probably just ahead actually) would be A Muppet Christmas Carol and also the Zemeckis mo-cap version, which does not seem to very popular but I love.


    1. Overall from this Home Alone & Christmas Carol seem to be the #1 most picked pretty much, good to see the majority of us have good taste ;)

      Nothing wrong with going against the crowd with your love for the mo-cap version. Nice to see something a little more unique chosen. Thanks for playing buddy :)


  16. DIE HARD… its more christmas movie than most christmas movies…well mostly the music cues (Ode To Joy and Let it Snow) but the fact that the greatest action movie takes place during christmas is good enough for me.

    And Scrooged. Its Bill Murray…Has he ever made a bad movie?


  17. This is tough, as we normally associate a “Christmas movie” as one that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling of hope and joy and family and all of that, and there are LOADS to choose from there-topping the list would be A Christmas Story, It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, etc.. Then there’s the non-christmas film that’s set at Christmastime, most notably Die Hard, which is a fun action flick, and Bad Santa, which, let’s be honest, is a Van Wilder/Billy Madison/Arthur-type gross-out comedy in which the main character has to grow up in the end, with christmas elements. Then you have comedies about the magical characters of Christmas itself, like Santa Claus: The Movie, Elf, Ernest Saves Christmas, The Santa Clause, Fred Claus, etc..
    While I do enjoy some of those, I’m 40 years old, live alone, and don’t have any kids and work retail, so most of the Christmas season is lost on me. It is, in fact, pretty brutal.
    One Christmas flick that I still have fond memories of, though, is one that is all but forgotten today as it hasn’t been rerun in decades-Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. For one thing, it has possibly the first meta- joke I ever encountered as a child in that it isn’t near-sighted Mr. Magoo playing Scrooge; rather, this opens with the actor who plays Magoo racing to get to the theater in time to star in this production of A Christmas Carol. Past that, it’s simply a well-done telling of the tale we all know by heart, but with fantastic music. Seriously, the song Scrooge sings along with his little-boy self will destroy you. It does me, anyway. See it sometime if you haven’t, I’ve rambled enough!


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