Question Time V – Who Are You?

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This weeks Question Time is all about getting to know you. Or your online persona more specifically. We all have our blogs/sites for a multitude of reasons, and I love that a wide selection of bloggers visit me here. Movie reviewers, published authors, actors, poets or just straight up random-ness, I love how diverse my readers are and also the blogs they come from. So this week I want to know the most personal question so far, and ask just exactly who are you?

Now obviously I’m not going to be too intrusive, and all I really want to know is if you use a pseudonym online or your real name. And why.

By doing my Desert Island Project (always need new volunteers, would love a list from you if you haven’t joined in, please read THIS if you’re interested, thanks!) I have been in contact with a lot of you. What I find the hardest part, is when I receive emails they come from people and their sites, but with their ‘real‘ name. My conundrum then is what name I go with when I address you on the actual post, and then on any other comments etc. I never want to offend anyone, and only really use people’s ‘proper‘ names if they either prefer me to or tell me to. For those who use their real names on their work, obviously that’s by choice, but do you ever wish you had gone with a pseudonym or are you happy having yourself out there?

Personally, I made my pseudonym years ago for online gaming (Xbox live – feel free to add me!) and kept with it for my blog. It’s strange seeing my friends/family/wife refer to me as ‘Tyson’ on my site, but I really wanted to keep all my personal details separate. Plus I love my made up name. The name actually comes from 2 of my favourite boxers – Mike Tyson & Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter (you really should see the film ‘Hurricane’, it’s an incredible true story with Denzel Washington playing the role of Rubin Carter).

tyson carter

I know lots of you have cool & crazy pseudonyms, and I would love to know what your reasoning and motivation was for choosing the one you have. There is a prize for the winner (metaphorically speaking, there is no real prize). I’m sure some are personal and I’m really not trying to pry, I’m just interested in seeing the reasons behind the name I see commenting around my site. I look forward to hopefully learning a bit more about some of you! Thanks for reading, and see you next week for another Question Time.

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  1. So, I use both – I give out my real name freely because I have no issues with that and, since I write in English, it’s easier for my fellow Romanian readers to realize I’m actually Romanian :-)

    The name of the blog comes, obviously from Cinema and Enema. Why? Because the movies I tend to watch sometimes come across as cinematic enemas -> some of them really hurt but some of them are good for you.

    1. Stops people confusing you with a female name right!? ;) LOL (the female gravatar adds to the confusion!)

      I like the site name explanation, Ill be doing a future post on site names so you can explain this again then! Cheers buddy :)

  2. Woot, first comment for once! I know you know by now that my real name is Andy Swinnerton and I’m a Business Student at the University of Washington in Seattle. My username on here is “r361n4″ also came from my xbox live gamertag, woot woot! As far as Rorschach Reviews goes, I usually use it as my pseudonym in Blogger Interviews, but I’m not exactly opposed to people using my real name. I just know that there are a lot of other bloggers named Andy so Rorschach tends to be a bit more memorable :)

  3. I used to use a pseudonym. Hell, I still do sometimes in some places. I use “mondrak” or “Alley Katt” I used to because I wanted to hide from people, but not so much anymore.

    1. Interesting names Alastair! Any personal motives behind them or just names you like?

      Maybe I do use mine to hide, but I figure if it’s good enough for Elton John then it’s good enough for me! Cheers buddy :)

      1. Mondrak used to be the name of a character I used in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. Alley Katt I used because of my name Alastair. It would be (and sometimes is) shortened to Ali, so rather than Cat, I changed it to Katt. Then someone asked if I was male or female which is why I started using Mondrak.

        I would hide from anyone and everyone. My photo that I use as my Gravatar now is the first recent one I have used in two years as I didn’t want people to see what I looked like either

        1. Cheers for the explanations, Mondrak is a cool sounding name I have to say.

          Good to see you overcoming your worry of people seeing you. Appreciate you commenting as always my friend. :)

  4. Ha! This sums me up perfectly! Obviously having a blog called “Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop” people are going to assume my name is Terry, which it’s not, it’s Chris. The blog is just named after Marlon Brando’s character from On The Waterfront, which is one of my favourite films. I put my real name at the bottom of my posts because when I started out, there was more than just me writing for the site, but I still do it out of habit, even though it’s just me now. It used to annoy me that I got referred to as Terry but that was my own fault for having a blog named as such. It doesn’t bother me anymore, just as long as people come and comment then they can call me what they like (within reason :) ).

    1. Yeah, you were one of the sites I was thinking of, as it was always easier to call you Terry, despite knowing its a film character. I apologise! ;)

      Exactly, if people stop by they can call me whatever they like, as Misty proves by calling my bloody ‘TyTy’ :)

      Cheers Chris!

      1. Haha, I’ve noticed she calls you that! I can only assume it’s affectionate :) No need to apologise for calling me Terry, it comes with the territory of having a blog named as it is. It was only a mild annoyance for a while, I’d much prefer the comments and interaction.

        1. I think it stems from losing a Face Off, she just cant bear to use my proper name :)

          I’ll stick to Chris then. Or some expletives if I disagree with something you write!

  5. It’s my real name. I use it as a username on twitter as well. Never even thought about writing under a pseudonym, mainly because many of the people I interact with online are friends in real life. My blog name ‘Records Make Great Pets’ is a line from an old Peanuts strip…or at least I think it is. I actually contacted the Schultz museum to see if they could find me the strip, but they couldn’t locate it in their database. Anyway, it used to be what I used as my old MSN Messenger name and a name I used on various online blogs, before finally settling on wordpress…just got used to it. My blog used to be much more about music, so it made more sense then I guess, but I kninda like the name. I also use it when I organise gigs in London (which doesn’t happen very often anymore).

    1. Thats cool, and if my name was as cool I would use it too! Since 99% of the people I interact with are ‘online friends’ I guess our circumstances are a little different.

      Shame you couldnt find the strip, sounds like you made a big effort though! Thanks for the great comment, appreciate you stopping by :)

  6. Always was a fan of Terry Pratchett books which has one cowardly wizard who despite all manages to save the world over and over so that’s where Rincewind comes for me. As my name is Chris I would be happy to use it but considering the amounts of Chris:es around my username would probably be Chris466432 and that just sucks. :)

    My problem is my avatar which is ladies eyes so am mistaken quite often as a girl. Don’t mind but its when people start flirting that it gets awkward :)

    1. I did think you were a girl who just liked posting images of hot naked girls. You sounded perfect!

      I like the story behind your name, interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing Chris (second Chris to comment on this post, I can see what you mean) ;)

        1. A man can dream……but until I got your email I was all set to say ‘she’ for your Desert Island list. Im going to go back through them all after I get more comments on here to makes sure I have everyones gender right :)

  7. There’s me thinking that was your real name. Thinking to myself, “I wish my parents chose that name for me. That’s a cool name. Now, that’s a name you’d choose if you could”. LOL.

    Personally, I do use my real name. I sometimes use my psuedenym of “Marakai” which is actually a nickname I’ve had for years. I’ve nothing to hide man. My conscience is clear. ;-)

    1. I wish I had saved the name for my kids but the wife would have none of it! Plus its a good story when people ask why I chose the name :)

      Yeah I often wondered about the ‘Marakai’ bit. I’m sure you have plenty to hide. Celtic fan for one thing. I have no conscience so it’s all good for me on that one!

      Cheers Mark :)

  8. Actually ever since I started blogging, its when I started using Tranquil Dreams as my username for lots of sites I sign up for for the past while. I have no problem with anyone knowing that my actual name is Kim. Its why earlier this year I added it to what shows up when I comment. “klling” is just my username that was here when I first opened the account because its similar my personal email address and my user name on MSN. I’ve comments about how it looking like “killing” haha! So I just resorted to my own name afterwards. But it still is the address to my blog so it stays.

    Actually the name of my blog “Tranquil Dreams” is a translation of my Chinese name and it came to me one day in a conversation and stuck around. Ended up using it for my blog and then now it just allows my posts to be all sorts of randomness. Doesn’t really set any direction and most days I enjoy it. :)

    1. I do quick read your name as ‘killing’. Sounds great ;)

      Really like Tranquil Dreams, really cool sounding and as you say gives you a license to post about anything. Unlike Head In A Vice…… should see the stuff people type in google and find my site…….but thats another story!

      Thanks for the comment Kim :)

        1. Fair enough. I can’t get away from sounding lethal now, thats why I try and do nice things on here not just psycho film reviews! (speaking of which, your ‘list’ will be up soon, this year I promise! – keep that crazy away from me!) :)

  9. Good question. I was going to do a posting on how people found my wordschat blog. My about section explains the name. It is an homage to George Orwell’s 1984 doublespeak. Words as in the printed word and communication as in chat at the same time. It also is my further interpretation of Canadian Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message”. The message being that communication is done in so many different ways simultaneously:; some effectively some not. So as my mast head says “Words, chat, and more in any medium”.

    BTW my Facebook like shows my real first and middle name. My middle reminding me of my grandfather.

    1. I look forward to reading your post!

      Really interesting about your name, bit deeper than your 2 favourite boxers :)

      Thats nice about your middle name. I will have to stop by your facebook, if you get a ‘like’ from someone you don’t know that will be my real name ;)

      Thanks for stopping by, always appreciated.

      1. Also my avatar is a word search clock. Thought it fit the word theme. A friend has word buzz which I like too. Going back pre internet on Bulletin Board Services I have been Hamlet, Polonius and URL. If you don’t know what a BBS is you’re too young….sigh.

  10. Although I use a pseudonym KeyserWilhelm a lot, as it’s a nick name a good friend gave me, but when it came to making my blog I wanted to keep my real name for numerous reasons. For starters, I don’t go by William, so while it is my name, that’s not how people refer to me. Second, as a writer, I’m always looking ahead to when I some day publish a novel. And having a blog won’t only help me build an audience, but also give me an outlet to advertise the book.

    So that’s pretty much why I use my real name, but I also thought by having a real name rather than something that sounded out of a Monty Python movie would help me make friendships with those who visit my blog. Thanks for posting this Tyson (or whoever you are. Haha!), that was a great question!

    1. Usual Suspect reference or something else? Maybe its the limp…… :)

      I like your thinking about your book. Similarly, I would love to get a book published, but again it would be under my pseudonym. Kind of like a (really dull) double life I have. I might just go and change to this name legally, just need the wife to agree……..

      You’re welcome, and thank you for joining in. Great answer (can I call you William, as you said thats not how to refer to you – you tell me what you prefer, and I’ll stick to Tyson). :)

  11. Over the years I’ve used a number of different names as my “Primary” identity, but sooner or later I’ve always wound up getting tired of them, or deciding they weren’t nearly as clever as I’d originally thought. So when I signed up for this account, I just decided to go with the name of the blog.

    However, while I don’t necessarily promote it, I also don’t try to hide my real name. I’m Josh. Hi!

    1. I nearly went with the name of my site, but figured I wanted an author name and something people could call me when I commented on stuff. Didn’t want Head In A Vice incorrectly abbreviated…… :)

      HI! & Thanks for the comment Josh, appreciate it :)

  12. Your name is NOT Tyson??? WTF?? I am going to start calling you by something else then goddammit. Chuckles? Mr. Poopy Pants? El Guapo?? Slappy…? Steve.

        1. This is what my horoscope reads today:

          You will perfect the art of relaxing. You’ll be loose enough to enjoy yourself, but sharp enough to spring into action and handle whatever arises. Don’t unfollow that sneaky bastard over in The Lake District.

  13. I try to use atothewr (a.w.r.) as my name on blogs and websites because it is my name, just the initials of my name. That way I can represent myself without giving away myself. Of course sometimes it doesn’t work and my whole name shows up. That’s okay, but when I can avoid it I try to keep it off the web.

    1. Clever title, you’ve mentioned that before and I always liked it. Mine wouldnt have the same nice ring to it!!

      Going to go check what I called you on Desert Island now, apologies if I used your real name! :)

  14. Ahah, I thought Tyson Carter was your REAL name! :) I use my real name as I just never thought of using a pseudonym for some reason. Plus I kind of prefer that people know the real ‘me,’ the persona behind the blog posts. It makes it more personal that way and I also try to find out people’s real name as much as possible to address it in the comment, though in your case I never thought that it WASN’T your real one, ha..ha..

    1. I’d like to think people will get to know the ‘real me’. Thats why I try and put posts up about my wife/pets etc to give an honest portrayal but on my terms.

      For all intents and purpose Tyson is my real name on the internet, and Im just so used to referring to myself as Tyson, and its easy when people comment to me. As I want to continue to work online, and eventually try and get something published, I find it’s just easier to stick with this name Im used to. Plus it will keep the paparazzi away when I’m famous LOL

      Thanks for your comment Ruth :)

  15. Lindsey is my real name but I don’t ever use my last name in connection with my blog (or anywhere else on the web), simply because there are a lot of creeps on the internet haha.

  16. I’ve really only ever used two names. Austin Bishop, which most people on blogs call me, but most also know it’s my pen name. A few months ago I did tell my readers my name was Austin Bender, which is true, and I don’t mind being called either. I didn’t pick Bishop for any religious reasons, I mostly came up with it because I was obsessed with chess at the time. :P

    1. I’ll stick to using Austin then! I do like that name by the way……

      Nothing wrong with loving chess, I used to play a lot but then started to play online and realised I wanst as good as I thought I was! Always someone better online…..stupid internet!

      Cheers for commenting Austin :)

  17. It depends really. I have at least 2 pseudo names that I sometimes use. mighty mo is my superhero identity that I created in high school. my twitter name is mocashake, which is a nickname my husband used to call me. If I want to promote something, obviously I would use the name that most of my accounts are under, but sometimes I feel its better to use your real name so that people know your serious about what you’re doing. I don’t know if they actually care but for me its important. I really don’t have a specific cycle of when I use what name….it’s just whatever I feel like using at the time.

    1. Are you a real superhero? Wow :)

      Cool nickname! My wife has names for me but none of them are suitable for sharing, and they are normally shouted at me when I haven’t done some household chores ;)

      I hear you about people taking you serious. I hope my name (and proof is everyone assumed it was my name) comes across real and not fake, sometimes when someone called something expletive ridden posts its a bit weird and I wonder why they use that name.

      Thanks for the comment Mighty Mo :)

  18. I use my nickname, Captain. And sometimes CBXB, as it’s a shortened version of my blog name. I think it helps with consistency of my ‘brand’ in blogging – I don’t want too many names floating around my posts, as it may confuse readers. This Captain is at the helm of Cowboys and Crossbones!

    1. Captain, I like it!!!

      Definitely agree about consistency. I will always use my name for online related things, and places I write for. Plus I’m lazy and would forget other names :)

      Thanks for stopping by Captain!

  19. I use my real name, mostly because I don’t have the imagination to come up with a cool new one! Actually that’s not entirely true; I thought about stealing Spicy McHaggis from a Dropkick Murphys song, but then I decided I’d rather take the credit (and scorn!) for my own work :)

  20. I used to blog under pseudonyms (mostly KarmaLennon) but this time around I’ve, obviously, been nothing but open with my real name, Misty Layne (and yes, it IS real and not fake, lol, so many people in real life think that’s its fake!). Wasn’t really a conscious decision – I guess I’ve just gotten used to being out there. I write all over the internet on various topics so not going by a pseudonym helps with having my body of work under one name. And while I’m sure I should probably be more careful at times, I’m an open person in general so it works.

    1. I’ll be honest, I always thought yours was a pseudonym!! Cool real name Misty, first cool thing about you ;)

      I’m the same as all my online writing is under Tyson Carter, but I can see why you would use Misty Layne, very unique. At least its not just me that assumes its made up!

      Thanks for sharing Layne :)

  21. I started blogging under Walkie Talkie Book Club a few years ago because a friend and I started reading the same books and talking about them on our daily walks. We started calling ourselves the Walkie Talkies! I’ve expanded the 1:1 book club with a few other people, because reading is good and so is walking!

    I don’t mind giving out my name (Danette) when I comment on blogs but I always sign in under my blog name. I know it’s caused confusion in the past with some readalongs I’ve participated in, but I think those people have it figured out now!

    Great blog!

    1. Nice little way of coming up with a name, I like it!! Reading is good, everyone should read more!! :)

      I guess for people replying to you, it may be easier to have a name to refer to, rather than ‘thanks for commenting Walkie Talkie’. Although that sounds quite good typed out!

      Thanks for stopping by, and you have a great blog too! :)

  22. Getting into Philip K. Dick territory here, Tyson! “If I’m not me – then who the Hell am I?” No, I’m afraid to say – I’m just me. Although I’ve never actually felt entirely happy with my name – a kind of disassociative identity thing going on I guess. PKD would love that! :) No, you know, I’ve never thought about using a pseudonym for my blog, as I had originally intended to use the blog to put my name out there as an online presence for my screenwriting – when I go looking for representation. I guess I could’ve used William Goldman – but that was already taken. :)

    1. Haha I try :)

      He would have fun talking working out your issues for sure!

      My brother in law is Greg, definitely not Gregory! Personally I like Gregory, sounds important lol.

      Like you say though, when you go seeking representation, at least you have your presence set up. Same for your gravatar (if thats you!), you seem an open, confident guy. You should be happy with it, and feel empowered! (life coaching bill is in the post, theology is the next lesson!)

      Cheers for your comment Greg, always appreciated :)

      1. Cue sound of chirping crickets … Haha, I’m not my type. My tastes are eclectic – but not THAT eclectic (not that there’s anything wrong with it). No, I prefer my love interests to be more … well … female. :)

        1. Yeah, she likes my sarcastic humour, apparently all I have is funny. She is better than me at poker too…..still, I can stomach anything in a horror film and she can’t so that makes me a better person right?!

      2. Ha ha it’s in print that you admit I’m better than you at poker!!! You know I can’t stand eyeballs and Achilles yet you get great pleasure out of telling me when you see something happen involving them. Tyson Carter is better than your real name maybe you should change it officially. I could then be Carly Carter.

  23. Who am I? To be honest sometimes I feel like I know myself very well. Other times I feel that I am on the outside looking in at a person I barely recognize. I love to laugh, but I get angry a lot and I don’t always know why. I have friends, but I’ve never met most of them. I am lonely, but I like being alone. Is that irony? I don’t do well in crowds. I am prone to panic attacks. I hate change. I have an addiction that I am monstrously ashamed of. It’s not drugs or alcohol. I love beer, but I can and have quit drinking cold turkey for over a year or more on several occasions. I alphabetize my books by authors last name, my CD’s by band or artist name, and my movies by title. When I feel like it I arrange my T-shirts by theme and color. I have a lot of black T-shirts. I love animals. I have a German shepherd named Bella, because she is beautiful; a terrier named Clarice, as in Clarice Starling; two guinea pigs, Alice, after a Tom Waits song about the Lewis Carroll character, and Annabel, after the poem by Poe. I also have a cat named Boo that I rescued from a tree in my yard a few days before Halloween. I have an interest in serial killers. I love my wife. I still open the car door for her after being together since 2006. She’s my best friend in the whole wide world. I believe in God. Who am I? I am John, I am 50 and I guess I am just me.

    1. When I said there was a prize (metaphorically) you have just won it sir. Thank you for being so honest and open. We seem to have a lot in common – hates crowds, OCD tendencies (dvds should always be in alphabetical order!) loves animals, fascinated by serial killers (one went to my school, currently on death row) Maybe thats why I like you so much dude, a lot in common :)

      Prize is on it’s way, and thanks again for sharing this John. Freaky how many things in common we share……..

        1. Haha, in the process of switching internet provider, so once that settles in and I get back on my laptop I’ll send you some details. Not very exciting, the guy was about 15 years older than me but everyone knew of him, creepy guy at school supposedly but then elevated to death row scumbag as he got older.

  24. Wednesday’s Child comes from the fortune telling poem “Monday’s Child.” I was born on Wednesday. “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” is the particular line. I am, kind of, but I’m okay with it. I mean, some people just are cynical and kind of curmudgeonly by nature, or so my therapist says. And it seems to fit with the horror genre that predominates the blog.

    I have used a lot of online aliases since I began talking to people online. I have been “Mary Jayne,” “Jenny Mulhenny,” and “Is this your homework Larry” just to name a very small sample. I have never liked my real name anyway (it’s Erin) so making up a new name online when I join a site makes me WAY too happy. Thanks for asking!

    1. I have no idea what day I was born – I must ask my mother.

      Appreciate you sharing this, really interesting stuff there and I’m glad I’m not the only one who has much more fun making up a new name! Thank you!! :)

  25. How I got my pseudonym, was ‘cuz my parents were all “He’s gonna need a pseudonym for when he becomes a writer / blogger / filmmaker, so we can avoid the Paparazzi!” Hence my alliterated name. Oh, I wasn’t born at the time. So I’ve had this pseudonym since birth. :)

    As weird as it may seem, I actually use my real name on here. I started off keeping my personal / public life separate (I’ve dabbled with films and national commercials, which involveda lot of marketing & interviews + joined Facebook solely to market my Webcomic) however, I’ve found that our industry (blogging, filmmaking, anything creative really) is all about the community and network building. And you can rarely do that successfully if you’re not slightly honest about what you’re sharing with people, be it your personality, humour, experiences… whatever. So never considered a pseudonym.

    Cool pseudonym for yourself BTW. Reminds me of John Carter (Noah Wyle from ER, not the Martian Man.)

    1. Bit selfish giving you a name without consulting you?! I know you weren’t born, but still, they could of waited for you to chip in and give your thoughts ;)

      I still want to see some of your work!

      I agree about the networking and community building, and whilst mine is made up I will stick with it and feel I can make it work, Stephen King style. I’ll just always keep using it :)

      My wife will laugh at the Noah Wyle bit, she loves him! Thanks for nothing Shah lol. Love you bro :)

  26. Back in the olden days of the internet, and up until a few years ago, I used an alias when I was online. There were a few different ones I used at various points, but my last one lasted several years. You can still see remnants of it now and then when someone who knew me back then is replying to me — Fogs, for one, has a tendency to bust out my former alias’s initials.

    I stopped using pseudonyms for a couple reasons, though. One, sooner or later, they seem to wear out. A nickname that seemed to fit when you were a teenager doesn’t necessarily still fit when you’re 33. Second… my reviews are a little more honest and more my personal thoughts than the goofing around I used to do on forums. They’re more “me” and not just “a side of me”. And though I know it’s not necessarily this way for everyone, I tend to side with my father’s views on anonymity, that (barring despotic governments and the like), if you want to say something you should have the conviction to put your name to it.

    So I use my real name. I even use my middle initial to narrow down exactly which Morgan Lewis it is (Lewis is a hyper-common surname, so even though Morgan is a scarce given name, particularly for men, there are in fact a few other people named Morgan Lewis that I’m aware of.)

    1. Thanks for posting this Morgan, very insightful.

      I agree about the nicknames, hence why I went with something that meant a lot and hopefully always will, despite my age.

      I agree with your fathers view, and whilst I maybe dont abide by it since Im guilty of not using my real name, everything I write I would write normally…….well I just dont like my name, the conviction is there…….I am confusing myself here. But I see your point :)

      I like your initial, makes you appear very dignified! Thanks again for sharing this, much appreciated :)

  27. My story isn’t all that fascinating. John Lincoln is my given name. As a kid I was regularly called ‘Link’ (or “Little Link” if it was my older brother’s friends). And ‘johnlink’ became an easy handle online. I figure it is close enough to avoid confusion, and I don’t really care what people call me anyway.

    The only time it caused ACTUAL confusion was when I was in a fantasy football league with someone who was actually named John Link. Because all of my email addresses are johnlink@… I ended up on his family’s mass email list for years.

    He has a very nice family.

      1. At least you got some nice emails from the family! I have you down as John Link since there are a couple of John’s on the contributor page. Appreciate the comment, cheers buddy!!

        Bit gutted you’re not the Marshmallow man to be honest….. :)

  28. I use Bride of the Book God because I wanted to acknowledge how much I love Barbara Hambly’s Bride of the Rat God and because at the time I started blogging I wanted to keep it entirely separate from my day to day existence as a reasonably senior civil servant in London. Now I’m on Facebook and Twitter and I don’t bother so much about the separation but I love the blog name so kept it (my other blog is Bride of the Screen God – guess what that’s about!)

    1. Thats a nice way to pay homage! :)

      Really nice name and site, not an easy way to abbreviate your name though, will Book God do?!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, much appreciated :)

  29. I ran a music blog for seven and a half years and about two weeks ago I decided I needed a change of pace and wanted to control what I reviewed instead of taking submisisons. So I turned that blog over to my co-writer and started a blog about sic-fi and horror. My name at my old blog was Metal Mark since it was about metal and my name here is just most of my real name and this year. Not creative, but that didn’t matter to me I just wanted to get started on my new blog.

  30. Seeing as I freely use my name and picture all over my blogs, I think I’m just asking for people to stalk me on the internet, which I am totally fine with since I am probably the most narcissistic person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I would like to think I invented the term “gorror” which is just a combination of two words, gore and horror, that make up the subject of my blog as well as my favorite type of movies. In my book, I don’t feel too passionate about a movie unless it has a massive amount of these 2 elements.

    1. Maybe you did invent that term, get some copyright on it! :)

      I would guess a lot of guys will follow your work because of your picture (guys are shallow – not me, only for the horror!). Thats the reason I dont use a real photo of myself, quite honestly I dont have the time to answer all the female fan mail Im sure I would receive (from prison inmates most likely) :)

      Thanks for the comment, and always good to see someone who likes the darker side of cinema :)

  31. CortexGrande is my PSN name, feel free to add me. Cortex the villain of the Crash Bandicoot games and Grande? It stands out from when I worked at Taco Bell and there was a Grande combo of ten tacos. its a cool word. and the name together seems to mean I have a large cortex, which is totally an accident.

  32. I blog under my real name. I used to have a psuedonym, Thea123. Why should I hide? I worked under my maiden name Cindy Barton LCSW. After I retired I changed to my married name, Cindy Knoke. A fourth name? No way. I would forget who I am! The challenge now is to try and pull all these different names content under one blog. I don’t really understand the pseudonym in terms of blogging. Bloggers are writers doing creative work, why should they hide authorship? I am proud of them and would like to know who that talented blogger really is!

    1. I hear what you’re saying Cindy. For me, if I was writing a very personal blog, trying to help others with a lifestyle, offering tips etc I would use my real name, as you say to take ownership of it and make it feel more personal. I believe for me I prefer using my pseudonym for this blog really doesnt harm anyone, since Im offering movie advice 99% of the time, and this will be the only other name I ever use. I agree it would be confusing to keep changing your name! :)

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate it :)

  33. Mr Rumsey came from the name of a cool local pub that I used to visit, it had in turn taken its name from a local hatter. Rumsey was the first name of those though, I simply took that and made it my online surname.
    I’ve moved away from that area now, but I still like to go by that name. As you know however, my real name is James and I don’t mind people knowing it online. :)
    Interesting question Tyson!

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