Question Time I – How do you blog?

I just thought I would throw out a question today to you beautiful people and try and get some insight into how you work. I’m just curious as to how you formulate your posts, your inspiration, how much you feel you have to write and how much time and effort you put into your craft.

I’ll start, and hopefully at least one of you will post your thoughts and methods in the comments below. I would love to hear how different we all are, considering we all have the same end goal which is to write some stuff and hope someone somewhere reads it. :)

As a film reviewer, surprisingly enough I don’t make notes whilst I’m watching the movie. For some reason, despite being dyslexic, terrible with numbers and forgetting most things in life I’m supposed to remember, films/actors/release dates etc stick in my head, and I tend to watch a film and then write the review in my mind for a few days. What I mean by that is I will go to work or be at home, and just remember certain points from the film, things I liked/hated and try and ‘store‘ them in the old grey matter. Then after a few days I write my review. I write on my laptop with music on, never the TV, and my review tends to take me about 30-40 minutes, and I kind of replay the film in my head (this sounded so much more normal until I wrote it down……). I will then go on IMDB and a few of your sites if I remember you reviewing what I have just watched, and see how my analysis compares. I will never change it, but I just like to make sure there is nothing blindingly obvious I have missed and done incorrectly. I never aim for a certain amount of words, and I normally end up editing my post down and cutting some out as I tend to get carried away (see The Poughkeepsie Tapes for evidence!). Then I scour the web for some of the movie images, and post it up.

I normally aim for one or two posts a day, which is made easier as I have the Desert Island lists stored in my inbox, as well as the guest reviews so I try and mix them all up. Yet I know there are people out there that do 5 or 6 posts a day. I always worry they wouldn’t get read or seen as much if I did that many which is why I stick to my 1 or 2, but I have no proof to back this up, and I just want to spread things out a little more.

I love to see that little grey box turn orange either with a like or a comment. When I first started I was delighted if one person liked it. Now I get a few more but that feeling is still there, and I appreciate everyone that takes the time to click a button and hopefully read what gets posted.

So now I’m just curious as to what your methods are. I know there are people who visit here that write their reviews on an iPhone, I know some of you make lots of notes during a movie, and I just wondered if anyone would mind sharing their methods as I’m sure there are plenty of people like me that are interested.

Thanks for reading, I hope some of you play along, and I’ll be back with normal service tomorrow, no more questions! :)


  1. My ideas generally come out of nowhere, and happen all on their own with a tiny spark of inspiration from inside this old brain. Sometimes though, they come to me half formed inspired by something outside my brain (something I’ve read / watched / heard) and I do a draft and come back and finish it another time. And every now and then there’s something I really want to say but I have to think really hard about how to make it happen.
    It takes me anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours to write a post, depending on whether I need to go find pictures or quotes, or how much I have plotted out in my brain.

    I only write about 2 / 3 posts a week, as I have a fear of swamping people with me haha, yet I don’t mind at all when others post multiple times a day – more to read!


    1. Thanks Jess, very interesting stuff there! Sounds quite similar to me with the whole ‘plotting it out in your brain’! Makes me feel more normal :)

      I have had a couple of reviews that took a lot of editing drafts and way over 2 hours, I just always hope they come out well and I did them justice.

      I agree, when people post more per day it gives us more good stuff to read, I just try space mine out for some reason, a bit like you said so I don’t overdose people on me :)


  2. I don’t have a specific process. Sometimes I take notes during the movie. That happens more when I watch at home and I can pause and type or write down. At the theater I try to keep it at a minimum, to not lose anything and also do not disturb the people with the light from my phone. I quickly type the main idea, not caring about the spelling, just enough to remind me of what it was I saw. Like I said, I don’t do it a lot, just when I want a very specific idea or phrase to end up on my review.

    Afterwards, I do a little research on IMDb and Wikipedia just in case I pick up an interesting bit of trivia and to verify the names of the director, writer and cast, in case I’m not well acquainted with them.

    I never decide on the length of a post. It comes naturally. If it’s short, fine. If it’s a little longer, cool. I find I tend to write the most about films I really loved or really hated.

    It’s not a rule, but I like to write with as less background noise as possible, some jazz and a cup of tea or coffee.

    Like you, I sometimes write the reviews in my head. I may be doing chores or at work or on the bus or in the shower and I get an idea and start developing it. If I like it, I rush for some paper and a pen or take my cell and start typing.


    1. Great stuff Fernando, thanks buddy!

      Definitely agree with you that its easier to write more when its a film you love or hate. Its the average films that stump me, not a lot going on and it makes it hard to write much about it.

      Jazz and a cup of coffee sound like a great combination! I normally have some Sinatra or Rolling Stones playing along whilst I type :)


  3. Well Tyson, first of all I pick a movie from the Written in Blood archives located deep within the confines of the Man Cave. Then I search the internet for por-I mean cast photos from that particular movie. I get all of that together and I save the initial draft. I watch the movie, I cry, I drink, I yell at my guinea pigs* and then I write down my thoughts. After that I click publish and it goes to millions of frightened children all over the world. Why do you ask? Isn’t that how everyone blogs?

    *Not really. Back off PETA.


    1. It was all worthwhile just for this response! Well played sir :)

      I always like your cast photos within your review. I tend to either use photos I have taken with my phone whilst the movie is on, but mostly just searching for film images that tie in sort of to what Im talking about. Especially girls in bikinis, Shark Night & Bait were good films to ‘research’ :)

      Cheers for your comment JMount


      1. Dude, Katharine McPhee bent over getting a tattoo and wearing a bikini made Shark Night so worth it. When she look at the tattoist and said “Do me” I knew that Streep had met her match. Reowr!!


        1. Haha, 100% agree. She is the most searched female on my site according to my google stats. For a very good reason. I knew the bikini picture I posted of her on my Shark Night review would come in handy :)


        1. You were about to get an email from me begging you to consider taking part!! I’d love you to join in. Normally people just email me their choices and i post them up in order as I have a queue back logged, but whatever works best for you. Thanks dude!!


  4. I never make notes and sometimes write my review a while later. Since I watch more movies than I review I will write about the ones that stood out to me. Mostly do all my writing for the whole week in one evening (usually 5 posts per week). For reviews it will take 20 to 30 minutes I guess, for the “Many Faces of…” posts it usually takes longer since I will have to find images for all the movies, which can sometimes be very difficult. Usually have some music playing in the background while I write.


    1. That sounds like a lot of work in one go! I struggle to write back to back reviews for some reason, have to leave some time in between. I also dont review everything I watch, sometimes its nice to watch a film without having to remember stuff or give it a rating!

      Thanks for sharing Nostra :)


      1. With three kids in the house I just set myself that block on Sunday to write it all (after they have gone to bed), which allows me to spend time with the family during the rest of the week, only occasionally checking the comments.


  5. What I’ll normally do is once I’ve finished watching a film, I’ll note down some of my main thoughts so I don’t forget them as I don’t always know when I’ll be writing that particular review. I only tend to post a few times a week as I simply struggle to find the time for any more. Each post varies in how long it takes, sometimes it’s 15 minutes and sometimes it’s a few hours. Sometimes a post will take me a few days to write if I only have a short amount of time to write each day. I’m very particular about wording and phrasing so I’ll often go back and edit chunks until they sound right.


    1. If it wasn’t for the Desert Island & Guest Contributors posts I would struggle to post much each week. Thats why I made those projects, so it gives off the appearance I’m not lazy!

      So you don’t write your review straight away either? I can go weeks sometimes before I write them, maybe I should do as you do and make notes :)

      Thanks for joining in buddy, much appreciated.


      1. Not a problem mate :-)

        I try to write them as soon as I can after watching but with work and that it’s not always possible. This month especially as I’m doing horror month, I have a few reviews of non-horror films I haven’t even started yet but I’ve made notes for. I like to take a bit of time to digest the film and think about it a bit before I jump right in with a review.


        1. Yeah, definitely good to have time to think about the film before posting. I have been known (my LOVE review) to watch the film, then re-watch it whilst writing my review but its very rare I do that.


  6. As you know, I’m an iPhone man. All of my blogging is done on the go. I use the notepad on my phone to jot down some notes which is done while watching movies and also on the bus, at work and even on the toilet. Any moment I get, I’ll write down something which eventually becomes a long winded rant. I like to keep my reviews concise and to the point, otherwise you’re in danger of losing someones interest so the rant gets stripped down. I also structure it with an intro, a plot summary, my critique and a conclusion. After all that’s done I scour Imdb for cast and crew info and compile my photos.


    1. Yeah you were the iPhone user I mentioned :)

      I find it hard enough (time wise, and my fingers press the wrong button, stupid keypad lol) replying to emails on my iPhone, I normally do them when I’m supposed to be working, but the thought of typing out reviews on my phone just never appealed. Fair play man, don’t know how you do it! As for the images, I save 5 or 6 per film, then have them all sorted into individually named photo files on my laptop. All very OCD, no idea what I’d do with images on my phone.

      Your reviews are always to the point, I know from the response they get when I use them on here. So it obviously works very well for you dude!


      1. In all honesty, I wouldn’t know how to post from my computer. It looks all very complicated to me and I’m a bit of a technophobe. I use the WordPress app which makes things a lot easier. I also use the Internet/desktop option in my phone for any in-depth work but computers kinds freak me out man. Plus, I have kids to run around after so blogging on the go is far more suited to me.


        1. Computers freak you out :) I would be lost without mine, although I really want to upgrade to a Mac but thats another story!

          I can see your point about the ease of use. I have the wordpress app and do all my comments and likes etc on it when Im at work. I just like to use a full size keyboard when im typing over 1000 words. Maybe I just have fatter fingers and the keyboard on the iPhone doesnt bother you. Either way, its great to see how we all do our thing ;)


  7. Wow. Nice post 1st by the way. How do I write my posts?

    Well, I watch the movie, play it back in my mind, do a lil research spanning frm IMDB to Metacritic to rotten tomatoes & Mr. Know it all, Wikipedia. Den I try to apply creativity, dnt give out too much of d story, if I need to bring up a lil history to make readers understand, I do it & I try as much as possible to add that touch of humor. Scavenge d net for a pix. I never really go wit d popular movie posters, I look for unique 1s den add it. If am watching @ home, it allows for better assessment.

    That about sums my blog process up. :D


    1. Thanks very much :)

      I’m liking the way your process works. Love that you don’t use popular movie posters, I tend to for the title part of the post which will go on the homepage, but then the rest of the images are just stills from the movie.

      It seems a lot of us check IMDB/Wiki. Whilst I love the interaction from people on my blog and other blogs I read, I hate the IMDB message boards. You disagree with one thing and BANG they are all over everyone with abuse.

      Cheers for sharing buddy :)


  8. Obviously, the first thing I think of when I get up in the morning is “How can I piss off Tyson today?”. Then I clear my head with a diet coke and think “I’l go rave on a movie I bet he hates or go hate on a movie I bet he loves, sorry bastard!!!!” : )

    Just kidding – my way is pretty simple: i watch something and then think about if for a little bit and then go type up a bunch of words and then edit it five or six times before posting. I didn’t use to put in a bunch of pictures but I have found that it’s more fun for me (and hopefully you guys) to find some sort of “odder” pics from the webs for my posts.

    your friend,



    1. Haha, thats how I work, I search through for a film on your site you reviewed positively and then I come on and rant about how wrong you are and what an idiot you must be. It then feels very wrong when we both agree on something……. :)

      Your pictures are the best dude, I always feel pictures break up a chunk of text nicely. Especially if they are pictures of pretty girls.

      Cheers as always Eric ;)


  9. I tend to watch a film twice. Once to fully grasp the plot and get to understand what the director tried to do with the characters. And the second time to see what the film is like from a cinematic point of view. This method really goes a long way, especially when watching foreign films; it is hard to appreciate the cinematography and such if you are always looking at the bottom of the screen for subtitles.

    I then write the review without any set style; I just write and hope it sounds good.
    I’m watching a lot more movies now, so I should be uploading every other day.


    1. I’m liking your professional approach there Thomas! Thats something I should appreciate more, the cinematography, but as most films I watch are filthy degrading horror movies thats the last thing on my mind :)

      Your work always sounds good dude, which is why I use it on here :) Thanks for sharing buddy, interesting stuff!


  10. I write about every movie I see, so I go in knowing I will be writing about it, but I don’t take notes. I use IMDB for the link to cast and make sure I get any spellings right, but I try not to do too much research before I post only because I want my opinion to be formed from the movie itself, and not from the opinions of others. After I post I will poke my head around and see what others thought.
    If a film needs some research done just because of its place in film history, or because something specific gets stuck in my craw, then I’ll search it out. I might do this for one out of every fifteen movies.
    I try to write within a day of seeing the movie. Sometimes I write immediately following the film, but more normally I write the next day. I do try and find an angle to come at the film from which speaks to how the movie landed on me, and I always try and find at least one or two things to say which wouldn’t be in a standard “I like it or I didn’t like it” sort of review. I hit spellcheck, and I give it a once over to make sure I didn’t screw anything up grammatically (though I will often miss these on first pass). Then I score the thing, find a pic, and post!


    1. I like the extra lengths you go to whilst trying to avoid giving a generic review. Most of the blogs I read on here are different but all offer a quality that somewhere such as IMDB reviews dont offer for the most part. Thats one of the main reasons I spend so much time reading yours and everyone elses blogs, just to appreciate the effort you put in and it isnt just a simple ‘its shit or its great’.

      I always miss spellings, even though I use spellcheck words slip through!

      Thanks for posting this John, great stuff as always buddy :)


  11. The only thing I keep an eye out for while watching a film is what I’m going to use for my score.

    My process is simple, I write one line of a quick plot summary, then a paragraph plot summary lining out the main characters and more details. Then anywhere from 1-5 paragraphs for my thoughts. It’s not exact and I don’t really plan anything out, I just write then go back and see what if what I just wrote makes sense. I don’t like brooding on it too much or I’ll never hit the ‘publish’ button.


    1. I think I have the ‘brooding’ issue you try and avoid. I can sit on a post for hours, always tweaking. It takes me hours designing a gravatar (I know, you couldnt tell!). I like to think Im a perfectionist but in reality I am just brooding on it and messing for no reason! :)

      Thanks for that Andy, a laid back style of posting, I’m not surprised dude :)


    1. Cheers Rich, you certainly have a lot to say! Thats some great work buddy. :)

      I’ve never had to ask any of those questions yet so I’m happy with how I’m doing and why I’m doing it!


  12. I honestly just go with it. I don’t plan, I don’t think, I just write. Whatever it is I am doing, blogging or other writing projects. I have a general idea of what I want to say and then I just sit down and try to convey my thoughts with words – sounds real pretentious I know, but that’s how I do it.

    With movie reviews I create a shell and that’s about it. I put up the poster, the trailer, the description, and the spot for the rating (if I know in advance the movie I am going to watch). Then I can just go into my blog and blast out the review.

    When it comes to my Poems and Haiku I keep my eyes out for inspiration. I was running yesterday and had this Haiku for the band Rush pop in my head. Here I was running, trying to send a voice text back to my phone so I could post this Haiku for next week.

    Great post by the way.


    1. Thanks mate!

      Doesn’t sound pretentious at all, sounds simple and effective the way you do it.

      Hope you had more luck with your voice text than I do. I swear Siri disobeys me and inputs random crap I never said :)

      Thanks for passing on your methods, I appreciate it.


  13. I write everything down on my little red Moleskine, because so much stuff runs trough my mind at such speed I write things down all the time anywhere, except in the cinema, I can’t see in the dark, then I read back, I slap myself in the face from time to time and then I write.

    I write every day but I try to keep it a minimum of 3 times per week, I just have so much things to share I wonder If I should make this my 24/7 thing!
    I don’t research or read reviews before watching a movie, I just see the trailer; only after I write my review I will read others, so I will have my opinion in a “pure” state.

    I look at IMDB or RT just for images or posters and the names of the actors/directors because I can’t remember a director’s name even if my life depended on it!

    Using my background in theater (yes) I review acting, but is my psychoanalytical approach to the movies that motivates me to review and recommend to others.

    Great question Tyson! I love participating in your blog :-)


    1. Loving the little red moleskine idea :)

      Im the same, I dont read any reviews really before I see the majority of films, I like to form my own clear opinion as I watch. Even trailers I try and avoid as they normally spoil something.

      Some great information there LaTrosa, thank you so much for joining in and sharing that. Always love your participation :)


  14. I have absolutely NO system to my madness. I try to blog at least three times a week but more if I’m able. Sometimes I take notes during the film (that stream of consciousness thing), most times I don’t though and just write up the review right after. Sometimes I look at Wikipedia to see if I’m forgetting any important points but that’s about it. Takes about 30 minutes to write and post with pics and links. Then I slap it up on FB, Twitter and Pinterest and forget about it until I get notifications.


    1. When I see you type out your thoughts as the film is going on I always assumed you must be crazy fast at taking notes! Like having a conversation with yourself, and I always love reading it, very entertaining! :)

      I dont really use Pinterest, I try and use Linkedin but never get much from it.

      Thanks for sharing Misty :)


  15. I used to be a full-time movie reviewer, and I can tell you that my ex-editor’s method was pretty much what not to do. He’d watch a preview screening, mull over it for a week or so, then when the design team is fighting deadlines and hassling him for the copy, he’d bang something out.

    Personally, there are two ways I watch movies: enjoyment mode and review mode. If I know I have to review a movie, I’d really start analyzing everything and coming up with key points in my head as I go along. After that, I’d mull over it during the trip home and churn it out ASAP while it’s fresh in my head, or maybe a few days later to refine the key phrases and points.

    For blogging, I love my phone. I don’t write the posts on my phone, but I used the WordPress app to quickly create a draft with nothing except the title and maybe a few lines. That way, I have a record of my ideas when I get them because chances are if I don’t, I’ll end up sitting at my keyboard for 20 mins wondering “what was that good idea I had the other day?”


    1. Man I’m jealous, I’d love to be a full time movie reviewer. Your editor sounds like how I work……. :)

      Sounds like the WordPress app gets well used by people. I like it but do get some issues with it not syncing etc but thats beside the point!

      All in all a very thorough process Drew. Thanks for sharing it, appreciate it dude :)


      1. Really the only thing holding me back from using the WP app more is that I can’t really see what I’m writing in real time. I’ve become a bit anal about not leaving widowed words in a line, so I always edit to make the post look nice for the standard resolution.


  16. Well lets see, I have this note book that I write stuff down in before I even think about posting it in my blog. The first couple pages consist of topics I could write about and even ideas I could share. The next couple of pages have ruff drafts of my post, just to make sure I don’t forget what I want to say. It always turns out that my post ends up longer then my ruff draft, I guess I had more to say then I thought I did. LOL. I have LIST problem, (lol) I like making lists and outlines. Anyway, there are somethings that I don’t write down in my note book that have made it to my blog….it happens. LOL I hope I didn’t confuse you. :P


    1. Lots of people have these notebooks, I would end up just drawing and doodling in one :)

      Nothing wrong with making lists, sounds very organised! It all makes sense (I think lol). Thanks for commenting Victoria :)


  17. Great post. Since you asked:

    Most of my posts are Movie / TV / Book / Comics reviews. However, I wouldn’t call them fair and balanced ‘reviews’, as it’s mostly me going off about what I liked / hated about whatever it is I’m writing about. At times, I’ll post some random thought / rant as well. Previously, I did the objective writing thing, however felt I was trying to be someone I’m not. I get excited. I swear. I ramble. So I stuck with it. This was the same process I applied when I was a filmmaker myself, so… why fix something that is so horribly beyond repair? Might not be the best thing for a ‘reviewer’ to do. But eh.

    My process: I watch a movie / TV show, read a book / comic, and immediately finger vomit anything / everything I have to say about onto a Word Doc. It usually doesn’t take longer than 15 mins. Due to the huge archive of Reviews I have stored up, I can afford to post a review from 3-4 days ago, than one I JUST wrote, as it’s usually crap. I then polish up the review over 2-3 days, and it’s perfect. (To me.)

    I usually post my reviews in the order that I watch / write them. So sometimes the review for a movie released today, might be posted a few weeks later. I have no frequency of posts, too busy… but try for a few a week.

    FYI: I’m vain and insecure, so compliments will help. :|


    1. I’m liking the way you work Shah!!

      Great answer, appreciate you taking the time to share that. And you used to be a filmmaker? Thats pretty cool man :) (is that a good enough compliment?)


      1. Merci. Well I technically still am, if being on extended hiatus for years still counts as being able to call myself a card carrying ‘filmmaker’?

        And yes, your compliment satisfies my narcissism. Blog on my friend.


  18. With review posts, I watch the film, and usually sleep on it. I write my review the next day, and schedule it to post the following day. For example, I’ll watch a film Sunday night, write my review Monday, post it Tuesday morning. I sometimes wonder if I should take notes — I’m often remembering something I wanted to address after the post has gone up — but I watch the movies in the dark, so I can’t see well enough to write. I suppose if I had a little audio-note device I might use it, but I haven’t really thought about it much.

    When I start the review, I try to figure out a good place to begin talking about it, and segue into what I did and didn’t like. I try to work in a few wisecracks that go with some good pictures (if I’m watching on my computer, I have some programs that automatically take screencaps for me at regular intervals.) I generally figure out how I feel about the movie immediately before I start writing the review, and write to explain why I’m grading it the way I am.


    1. All movies must be watched in the dark! :)

      The program that takes screencaps sounds very cool! I tend to only watch screeners on my laptop if I cant get them to work on my PS3, but I end up pausing and either doing a manual screenshot or using the iPhone for a photo.

      Thanks for the reply Morgan, I appreciate it buddy.


  19. when I review movies, it is usually after a cooling off period of at least a day after watching. Just saw Cloud ATlas this afternoon. WIll let it sink in a bit before posting impressions. If aftera day or so, nothing floats to the surface to post, then I don’t.

    Madness in my method, I think


    1. Certainly different, not madness in my opinion! I dont review everything. I watch some very average films, that there is simply nothing good or bad to say, so I dont bother.

      Thanks for posting :)


  20. Like Nostra above, I tend to write reviews in blocks on the weekends (if at all possible). There is so much going on during the week it is hard to sit down and just write. I try to post six days a week, but Sundays are my “In The Spotlight” column so I just need to gather photos and links to the book or movie I’m spotlighting, write my thoughts on why I’m interested and then set it to publish on Sunday. I generally complete these Friday night or Saturday morning and it takes about an hour.

    Most of my reviews take 2-3 hours. I recently changed my process a little and it seems to be working. I do a quick draft with the information about the book or movie I’m reviewing – just the facts, a photo and/or trailer, rating, description and a title that kind of highlights my thoughts about what I’m reviewing. I do one of these drafts for each of that week’s columns as an outline for the week. I then grab my draft for Movie Monday, type an opening and a conclusion and then fill in everything in between, a lot of times working my way UP from the conclusion to the paragraph that leads into it – and so on. I then pick my draft for Tuesday, then Wednesday, etc. and fill them in. I try to post book reviews the week after reading the book so I don’t forget points I wanted to make in my review. If I haven’t read enough books to fill all four days, I’ll do a riff on something that struck me that week or review a gadget I’ve come across. I write as many posts as I can over the weekend (I can normally get at least 4 of them done plus Spotlight) and schedule them to publish throughout the week. This gives me a chance to double check them the night before they go live to make any adjustments I’ve thought of, and catch up on TV shows, reading, and family life. If I couldn’t complete my Friday post over the previous weekend, it gets done Thursday night. For reviews I aim for around 800 words (it helps keep me focused).

    I don’t post Saturdays, and once in a while I take a vacation day if real life rears its ugly head so I post a past vacation photo for everyone to admire in place of a review. It’s a lot of work, I know, but I’m still learning and trying different ways to streamline the process.


    1. Thanks for the excellent & detailed response Erin! :)

      2-3 hours per review and working from the conclusion backwards, wow thats some dedication to your craft! Well worth it though after reading your blog. Thanks again for posting this, very interesting to read.


  21. I always take notes while watching a movie (since I’m reviewing only movies on my blog at this point). I write everything that comes to my mind while watching the movie – questions, statements (that may or may not turn out to be false as the movie progresses etc.), ideas about phrases to use etc. Then, I hit up IMDB for the actors, directors etc (if I don’t have previous knowledge of the people involved in the movie). After doing this, the last part is writing a coherent (at least that’s what I’m aiming for) review of the movie and then post it on the blog. The writing usually takes around 30 minutes – but it actually depends on the movie (for example, Four of the Apocalypse took me around one hour because there were so many things I needed to structure in the review).



    1. A few things I forgot to add: I always work with music in the background – preferably something that does not have words (it did happen sometimes to start typing down the lyrics to the song…I know, stupid). Also, since English is not my native language, I use either a dictionary or for synonyms and stuff like that. I don’t use them profusely but it’s nice to have access to a words database just in case.


    2. Another note taker :)

      I watch a lot of foreign films so really feel I would struggle to make notes and read the subtitles. But I am a man and that old saying about multi tasking could be said here!

      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.


        1. Are you suggesting a competition where we both draw something and our readers vote for who is worst? LOL :) Maybe I’ll do that as my next Question Time since this one has been so popular!


  22. Sometimes I get an idea while doing something else, like commenting on someone else’s blog. Comments frequently become posts. Sometimes, I’m looking for something else and realize I’ve collected so much information, I might as well write it up and use it. Often, it starts with a picture and as I’m writing about the pictures, I drift into a subject I didn’t even realize was on or in my mind. And finally, sometimes, something sort of falls out of my fingers into the keyboard and no one is more surprised than I am at what it is. I bet that’s not at all helpful.


    1. Whatever you write is always helpful & informative! :) I know we write very different things, and I always know what I’m going to be writing about, but it must be nice to just get a moment of inspiration and go with it. Thanks, as always, Marilyn.


  23. You are so forgetful I’m really surprised you don’t make notes and write a few days after watching. It’s good that you switch off as you are very easily distracted by various things around the house and mainly Roxy. Or so you tell me! Lol :)


    1. Ergh…….the wife….. :)

      I know, yet as you know films and film related useless trivia is all my little brain can store. I ‘forget’ a lot of household chores I agree, strange one that :)

      I make a lot of notes during crap you make me watch, but they are normally in my head and countdowns until Twilight or whatever torture Im watching is over.


  24. Recently, I’ve been taking jot notes during the film. Or I try to at least put a few key points to include in my review before I write it, and then I just add anything else that feels right. It usually takes me about 30 minutes or so to write it. It isn’t much of a method, but it works. Sometimes I procrastinate writing the review if I’m too backed up, and then it isn’t fresh in my mind. So, that’s really a habit I must break soon. Haha. Good question, Tyson!


  25. I tend to let the film roll about in my head for a few days, I never take notes during it, it starts to feel too much like work then. I usually start with a few bullet points of the main ideas that have crossed my mind and just work off those, usually scribbling on paper somewhere without internet or a computer to distract me (trains, the kitchen, outside etc). I only write a proper full length review if I really feel like it, i’d never decide I was going to review a film before watching it. Interesting to read how other people go about it .


    1. Very different approach from me with regards to not knowing whether to review or not prior to watching. I always know what I’m planning on reviewing.

      As you mentioned it has been so good to see how people do their thing. Thanks for joining in and sharing your style :)


  26. I have a super great memory with movies, and I usually let my thoughts roll around in my head for 2-3 days before I write my review. It usually takes me an hour to find an image of the poster, write my review, and proofread it. I always start by writing a mini summary of the movie, and then I write my thoughts about the actors and their performances. I also describe certain scenes to support my like or dislike for a movie, but I never ever give spoilers.

    I also have TV reviews on my blog, but when I watch a TV show I must take notes. I don’t take notes for movies, but for some reason with TV shows I forget an incredible amount of information. Go figure!


    1. Sounds like an excellent method. Its good not to give away spoilers right!?

      I get tempted to review Dexter/The Walking Dead, but would be afraid to look away from the screen to make notes! :)


  27. Since unlike most of you, I don’t write about movies all the time, I write about movies if and when a movie inspires me … often because I forgot how much I like it or I think it’s never gotten a fair shake from critics. I’m totally lacking in discipline.


  28. I post every 2-3 days. I strive for my blog to be a premiere entertainment site for commentaries and criticisms, so I don’t like the idea of posting everyday. When, I talk, it should be special, and should be something worth saying. I post my “Random Weekly Movie Reviews,” about every 10-12 days or so. These include about dozen films I review each post, and I take about a week to finish writing that blog. I also post Canon of Film blogs, many of which, I have pre-written, sometimes years earlier, so i occasionally rewrite and update them, as I publish them, but I already have a good base for them. I prepare my commentaries as far ahead as I can, but I usually only need a day or so to write them out. They come from random thoughts sometimes, things to get a reaction occasionally, and I also keep an eye on the entertainment news wire, and what others are blogging about. I write two of those per cycle, so it goes, Reviews, Canon of Film, Commentary 1, Commentary 2, occasionally the order is switched, but it’s those for in a blog cycle. With my commentaries, I try to take as interesting or unusual an angle on my material if possible, particularly with material that’s based on the entertainment news of that week or so, because I don’t want to post the same things everyone else already has. I want to come at things at a different perspective. Not, “This sucks”, but “Why does this suck exactly?” or “Why does it work?”, or something along lines that most other bloggers don’t discuss, or in a way that they haven’t discussed something yet. I strive for “Intelligent, observant and thoughtful analysis of the film, TV and the Entertainment world” as it says in my mission statement, so I am very particular about what I blog about, commentary-wise, especially. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m stringent and dull. I like to be whimsical and playful at times, and I am a comedy writer by trade, so there’s occasionally humor involved. I like to have fun, or else, why bother doing it.


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