Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012)

A small West Virginia town is hosting the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, where throngs of costumed party goers gather for a wild night of music and mischief. But an inbred family of hillbilly cannibals kill the fun when they trick and treat themselves to a group of visiting college students.

I’ll keep this review brief as eventually it will move onto my Wrong Turn franchise review post, but for now here are my thoughts on the newest entry in the Wrong Turn collection.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is a sequel to the prequel and takes place sometime between Part 4 and the original Wrong Turn. After the disappointment I felt after part 4, I wasn’t holding out much hope for the fifth entry; I mean not many films get to a part 5, and when they do, they aren’t renowned for their quality, and it becomes more about fan service. That’s ultimately what Bloodlines is – fan service – but man what a treat this was!! Talk about a return to form! For me, this is the best entry after the original. Here is a brief rundown about the plot.

Our usual inbreds have escaped the abandoned building they occupied in part 4, and we see them living with and working for this movies main bad guy – Maynard (Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in eight Hellraiser films). Maynard is a psychopathic serial killer who has been on the run from authorities for three decades. He has given the hillbillies housing in exchange for their help in find fresh victims. They manage to wreak havoc virtually unnoticed in the small town of Fairlake, West Virginia, which is the home of the annual Mountain Man Music Festival. People from all over the country attend the festival every Halloween, many of them in costume. All the twisted and gruesome costumes make it easier for the gang to move throughout the town without attracting attention.

Right on cue, a group of friends arrive for the festival and almost immediately encounter Maynard, who pretends to be injured when struck by their car. After this all ends badly, some of them end up the local jail. The film then starts to resemble a messed up version of ‘Assault on Precinct 13′ as the inbred cannibals seek to free Maynard from the prison.

As usual with these films, we get some great kills. The one below is along the lines of the hobbling scene in ‘Misery’, but much worse. After 5 films I guess it’s hard to come up with new ways to kill the victims, but fair play to the writers as we did see some new stuff here. My favourite would be one on a football field……….

As far as acting goes, it’s all pretty strong here. Doug Bradley is a genre veteran and steals the show everytime he is on screen. There are no other big names on show really, which isn’t unusual for the franchise, but Roxanne McKee (UK fans may recognise her from ‘Hollyoaks’!, everyone else will have seen her in ‘Game of Thrones’) really impressed, not only as she is beautiful but didn’t act like she is a former soap star. She is arguably on screen the most and does a solid job with her role. The whole cast was pretty likeable, and it was always hard to predict who was next to be killed and who would survive. The ending was a particularly nice touch.

In conclusion, if you’re not a fan of the franchise by now, this fifth film certainly isn’t going to convert you. For people like myself, who have enjoyed at least a couple of the entries in the Wrong Turn saga, I hope you will be as surprised and impressed by Bloodlines as I was if you give it a chance. There is the usual nudity, some violent kills and cheesy lines, but as far as Wrong Turn films go, this is one of the best entries. I look forward to an inevitable Wrong Turn 6!


    1. Thanks Misty!

      Yeah Eliza was in the first one, which I loved, but they went down hill (although 2 was good – but my thoughts on 1-4 are on the post I linked above). This one though was great fun :)


  1. I haven’t seen any of the other Wrong Turn movies since the first, and if this is the best of the sequels I don’t think that I ever will. I wanted more surprises and some psychological horror, but all this movie really had was gore. I will also give it up to the writers for coming up with some very unusual deaths, but I think that they should have put that kind of effort into the story. I heard about this movie from a coworker at DISH who recommended it for Halloween. It seemed appropriate so I added it to my Blockbuster @Home queue, and it came in the mail today. Renting straight to DVD movies like this is great because most of them are terrible, but every now and then you will find a good one. This one falls in the middle and I would recommend it for fans of gore, but more general horror fans will probably be disappointed.


    1. Straight up gore would be about right!! Not really much going story wise. Inbred hillbillies terrorise young good looking people. That’s the 5 movies summed up pretty much. But there is some fun to be had somewhere in amongst it all :)

      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.


  2. Thank you! Finally, somebody who also thought this was a decent entry. Everyone I know who’s seen it thought it was rubbish but I thought it was a lot of fun. Certainly not going to win an Oscar, but a fun and gory way to spend 90 minutes of your time.

    On a more sarcastic note, thanks so much for including a picture of the guy’s legs. Haven’t had my skin crawl the way that scene made me feel in quite a while.


    1. Haha, yeah the hobbling scene was violent to say the least :)

      Cheers James, and glad you felt the same as I did about the movie. Definitely Oscar worthy compared to some of the others in the franchise!


  3. A fan of the 1st 2 Wrong Turns, but after the 3rd one it just became horrible. I had hopes for the 5th, but I was very disappointing. Plus I never got the point of the scene where the guard fucks the dumb groupie. Wtf does that have to do with anything. I rented a movie, not a porno. Disappointed and disgusted.


  4. Checked this one out last night and I was surprised. It was better than the last few entries and had a couple of great kills. Doug Bradley held it together though, most of the actors struggled. Not bad not bad.


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