The Devil Inside (2012)

In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism.

I originally wrote this review back when I started my site in June, and I think about 2 people read it. Now a few more visit here, I wanted to re-post it and see if anyone else has an opinion on it. As always, I would love some comments and feedback, but I’m really interested to see if anyone actually liked the film. As you will see, I really didn’t like it and struggled to find much to say about it. I’m hoping to start (another!) new project very soon, and if anyone likes this film I would be interested in doing a little something together if that’s possible. Anyway, here are my thoughts on The Devil Inside.

The Devil Inside was made on a $1 million budget and went on to score a huge box office return. A few films over the years have opened on similar micro-budgets and gone on to make massive profits whilst being at the very least good films. For example, The Blair Witch Project, Saw, Insidious – all made for similar amounts and all very highly rated by critics and fans within the genre. The Devil Inside however doesn’t deserve to be in such company. I tried to look past the fact that the found footage and exorcism films seem to have been done to death in recent years, and give the film the chance to try stand out on its own. Well, it does stand out but unfortunately not for very good reasons.

The film follows a young woman named Isabella Rossi on a quest to Rome to try and find some answers about her mothers possible demonic possession. Her mother Maria Rossi committed a triple murder during an exorcism performed on her twenty years earlier. The Catholic Church became involved, and she has since been in a Catholic psychiatric hospital in Rome. Once Isabella arrives in Rome she follows two priests working outside of the Church who perform a series of exorcisms.

It just felt like everything the film did has been done a thousand times before and much better. It offered nothing new, just the standard demonic possessions with some strange contortions and bone breaking noises thrown in for some cheap scare moments. The film isn’t overly graphic, and in my opinion the best parts of the film are when the director actually shows some action whether it be during an exorcism or the standoff towards the end of the film.

The acting is average at best, there are no recognisable stars hence the budget, but this doesn’t always equal a bad film, some of the best films contain no recognisable stars, but nothing acting wise could save this film sadly. I think there were a few good ideas but they were just poorly executed.

As for the ending……..its literally as though the director ran out of time and didn’t bother with one. My guess is due to the massive financial success of this film we will get a sequel. Whether that answers any questions remains to be seen. I’ll be happy if they just make a better all round movie and try and find something new rather than re-hash bits from every previous exorcism film.


  1. I know we talked about this the last time around… I remember you yelling at me because I thought it was “OK”. I mean I went into this having listened to everyone on the planet say how bad it was and I found it “tolerable” – I mean – I and you have seen much worse.


  2. I thought this could have been sooo much better. Really disappointed with it. Thought the director just gave up half way though.
    I would recommend The Rite as an alternative. Stars sir Anthony Hopkins, very well directed,acted and a damn fine twistie story.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Darren, I appreciate it mate. :)

      As for The Rite, I wasn’t a huge fan personally, but maybe I’ll give it another watch one day. Always love Hopkins though.


  3. We caught a piece of it. We change the channel. We have 10 to 15 minute window of opportunity for a movie to at least show some promise. After that, we move on. It failed the test. We live in hopes of seeing something dare I say it … original.


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