Shark Night 3D (2011)

shark night

A weekend at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf turns into a nightmare for seven vacationers as they are subjected to shark attacks.

Shark Night 3D is a 3-D thriller directed by David R. Ellis. The basic plot revolves around a group of college friends consisting of Nick (Dustin Milligan), Beth (Katharine McPhee), Malik (Sinqua Walls), Maya (Alyssa Diaz), Blake (Chris Zylka) and Gordon (Joel David Moore) who are all invited by their friend Sara Palski (Sara Paxton) to spend the weekend at her saltwater lake house in Louisiana. On their way to the lake house they encounter rednecks Red (Joshua Leonard) and Dennis Crim (Chris Carmack), and also the local Sheriff Greg Sabin (Donal Logue). After exploring the beautiful house and having some fun on the water, one of the group is attacked by a shark and the fun and games begin.

Sara Paxton

dustin milligan shirtless shark night 3d

Dustin Milligan

Normally I wouldn’t want to ruin a film and give away plot points, but I feel that with Shark Night it doesn’t really matter, as anyone that is going to see this film should just expect a cheesy shark film filled with pretty people in very little clothing. My theory is that if I show you all the best bits of the film in picture form it may peak your interest enough to check it out. Words will not do this film any justice as it may sound a little ridiculous!

kat mcphee bikini

Katharine McPhee

The students find out that the sharks are not in this lake by accident. They were put here by someone (and fitted with video cameras no less!) so people could sit at home and watch students get eaten by sharks online. We get tiger, sand-tiger, mako, hammerhead, cookiecutter, bull and of course great white sharks. One hell of an effort to get them into a lake I’m sure you will agree. Visually they look great though, very realistic when up close.bull shark

As for the 3D, I watched this at home on a 3D TV and it looked good, some of the water splashing on the screen, underwater floating debris scenes and the kills looked pretty good in 3D. I normally find 3D a gimmicky aspect in films, but in a movie like this which is designed and shot with the 3D effects in mind rather than be added afterwards it actually added to the experience rather than detract from it.

shark and sarah paxtonThe acting was fine, there are some familiar faces on show with the highlight and star being Sarah Paxton (who looked a lot better than she did in my previously reviewed The Innkeepers). Again, you’re not really watching this type of film for the acting skills on display. It’s all about the sharks. Leaving your disbelief of the premise aside, the sharks look fantastic and we get some great kills, and one insane kill which I have gone ahead and spoiled below as I doubt anyone has ever seen a great white take out a guy on a jet ski head-on.


As Shark Night comes to its conclusion, you will find out who has been bringing these sharks to the lake, and whilst it wasn’t a great surprise I was more amazed at the skill involved with getting all these sharks into the lake, tagged with cameras and getting them in and out of the pens they were kept in. Not very realistic at all is it?!

Sara Paxton and Katharine McPhee

Sara Paxton and Katharine McPhee

Unlike Piranha 3D which worked so well with it’s tongue-in-cheek self-awareness, Shark Night 3D just didn’t really work. It needed more humour to try and be a fun, campy old-school horror, or less of the insane unbelievable aspects and it could of been taken more seriously. As it was it never really did anything very well. A decent watch, some great looking people and sharks, a few decent kills but lacking in humour and really I feel needed to take more from the Piranha 3D movie. Maybe even the gratuitous R-rated scenes from Piranha 3D would have helped. They really went for it with naked people and sexual scenes, but again Shark Night 3D played it safe. A real ‘sit on the fence‘ movie as I feel they were too afraid to commit to making a balls-out serious action film or a cheesy sex filled fun time like Piranha 3D.

sarah paxton

sarah paxton

If the pictures littered throughout this review don’t make you want to see the film then nothing will, as I’ve shown you the best bits. For anyone else, you will have seen worse genre movies than Shark Night 3D (normally made for the Sci-Fi channel) but just don’t go in expecting the fun time Piranha 3D gave us.

5 stars

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  1. Nice review but…yeah, never going to see this. LOL. If your mission is to try and convince me to see a horror film by introducing me to this one, that’s not going to work. LOL. Nice try though, Tyson. :p This looks like nothing but people getting eaten for the entirety of the film. Does anyone even make it?

    1. Haha I’m trying! This wasn’t very gory or scary, more cheesy fun! I can’t spoil it, but maybe someone makes it or maybe they don’t! All I will say is that some sharks survive! Believe me, the ending doesn’t make this film any better :)

  2. LOL at – “I would also like to point out I would normally want to try and offer serious reviews without using beautiful bikini wearing girls to enhance my words. However, since my wife won’t stop going on about some ‘Magic Mike’ film and someone dancing to a ‘pony?’ song I would get some revenge “

  3. Nice this looks like cheesy fun, I see its streaming now and looks to be worth a watch. Well after jr. goes to bed of course or I will never get him back in the water. :-)

    First time here, enjoyed checking out your blog, Sir Phobias from Green People Soup steered me this way

    1. Yeah cheesy is very much the word! Worth a watch at least, definitely worse shark films out there (sharks in venice – not even making that film up, I watched it!). Thanks for the visit & kind words, hopefully I’ll continue to see you around here. Sir Phobos is really too kind – doing reviews for my project now bringing me visitors, what a guy :)

    1. Thanks very much, I’ve just replied on your site. I might sit on this for a couple of weeks and pass it on then. Just done some questions and pass on’s for a different award so I’ll come back to it for sure. Thanks for thinking of my site, I’m very grateful and I’ll get the link back to you sorted and let you know when I set it up :)

  4. Ah, yeah, my thoughts were pretty similar to yours when I reviewed this. But it was MUCH better than 2 Headed Shark Attack which I watched right before so there’s that. ;)

    1. Lol, yeah there are some pretty awful shark films out there and Ive seen most so at least this had more going for it than them! Not seen 2 Headed Shark Attack though :) It sounds great!

        1. Being from the UK and having no knowledge towards ‘celebrities/reality show people/famous peoples kids’ I don’t know that name. I’m guessing he or she is related to Hulk? Maybe I’ll avoid that film :)

        2. Having just ‘googled’ her maybe I will watch it :) I joke, it cant beat Sharks In Venice starring one of the Baldwin brothers that isn’t Alec

        3. *giggles* I guess she’s not bad looking. She does kinda favor the Hulk though. ;) What? What? Sharks in Venice featuring a Baldwin brother?? What?? How do I not know of this??

        4. Haha how is beyond me! I thought this sounded brilliant. Sharks & Mafia, two of my favourite things. Here is the incredible plot: :)

          Stephen Baldiwn stars in Sharks In Venice. The seemingly tranquil waterways of Venice are terrorized by the perfect killing machine. In search of his father who has mysteriously disappeared diving in the city, David stumbles across the cryptic trail leading to the long-lost fortune of the Medici. As the unwitting pawn in a Mafia plot to recover the treasure, David’s girlfriend is kidnapped at gunpoint, plunging him into a desperate race against time. If he has any hope of saving her he must enter the deadly waters. Can David out-gun the Mafia assassins and survive the voracious sharks laying in wait beneath the surface, or will he succumb to the same fate as his father?

        5. Oh my….I think I am speechless…what??? That’s incredible!! I just added it to my Netflix queue. It’ll be a couple of weeks before it arrives but oh my gosh, I cannot WAIT to see this!!!

        1. Yeah, I mean I didn’t hate it and enjoyed parts of it, the perks of the film I mentioned brought the score up slightly. I think an average score for an average film :)

        2. I’ve only seen the trailer, but it looked like one of those films that you’d want to jump out of a window it was so bad, so 5/10 isn’t bad at all. That’s basically the equivalent of it winning an Oscar ;)

        3. Haha I’ve definitely seen a LOT worse films. This at least looks good, visually the sharks look realistic enough (did I mention hot girls in bikinis yet?) :) Its just a weak story made up I imagine by a group of drunk/stoned guys. I can see them talking about getting some sharks in a lake, jumping out of water killing people in 3D, and not worrying about the logistical side of actually getting the sharks there.

  5. I didn’t feel any sexual attraction toward Sara Paxton while I was watching The Innkeepers. She was awesome in it, but I was more into her interactions with the other front desk guy than I was ogling her boobies. But, wow, she looks good in these pictures. Is that last one her?

  6. Five is a fair score for this. I was never going to watch it for the acting but it is good, cheesy fun in 3D. Surprisingly the sharks were a lot more realisic than I expected. Unfortunately there isn’t any hot men like in Magic Mike or a Christian Grey. As previously mentioned in the posts you could do a lot worse and I think I’ve seen most of them.

    1. Everybody meet my pervert Wife :) Your the reason I littered this review with photos of girls. Normally I would never lower the tone like this and degrade women in such a way, very exploitative having these beautiful girls in bikinis, it does nothing for me obviously, but if you didn’t watch and read all this filth with seedy men then I wouldn’t need to resort to this :) I might even have to re-watch Piranha 3D (not for kelly brook obviously)

  7. This movie looks and sounds ridiculous but which one is the blonde? I might watch the movie just to see her in a bikini. She is smoking hot!

      1. Thanks I just googled her. She is a babe for sure with a great derriere. The two girls you posted are hot but like with all horror movies, only one chick ever lives and in this case I hope it’s Sarah. She’s too hot to die. I might catch this on Netflix.

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